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Farming Simulator 19 - Susquehanna River Valley v.1.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Susquehanna River Valley v.1.0 is a modification for Farming Simulator 19, a(n) simulation game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size1840.8 MB

last updateWednesday, April 7, 2021


downloads (7 days)116

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Susquehanna River Valley is a mod for Farming Simulator 19, created by Nitrodad1115.


A 4x map Susquehanna River Valley was inspired by the topography of the Susquehanna river in upstate New York. Seasons and precision farming ready, the map has also been prepared for the straw harvest mod. No Global Company need for production on map. There are 4 pre built farms and a large placeables area north of the river. There are many custom textures built into many new models and sell points around map. Custom borders were also created using google earth images from around the Susquehanna river.


2020 What a year huh? you've been locked down,locked up and laid off. Everything has changed and you are not sure where you belong anymore.

For the last year you have watched this new trend of farmers on you tube while sitting on your deck looking at the valley below. Heck you can do that you say to yourself? Didn't some guy say farming was just digging a hole and dropping a seed into it? Well anyone can do that right??

Your boss, that jerk Nitrodad has been bugging you for years to sell him your house, he has even increased his offer so the sale will provide you enough capital to purchase two of the 4 farms in the valley while leaving you some money for equipment. You were able to cash in your retirement account and purchased 2 tractors and a fertilizer spreader. The equipment is waiting for you at the local Tractor World shop..

If you choose to sell your house and property and need a place to sleep there is a trailer for rent in the valley behind Bubba's repair shop. It's not much but it's the only place for rent in the valley and its cheap. You will find lots of contract work available around the valley.

it's time for you to decide ... What will you do? Keep your house and do contract work for that idiot Nitrodad until you have increased your bank accout? Will you sell and buy a farm? Maybe sell and bank the money, rent a place and wait? It's all up to you...

A few things to help you on your journey. There is several production facilities around the county. Including compost (25% manure 75%straw)

Ethanol and corn syrup (25%water 75 %corn) flour production (wheat,rye,spelt,corn,barley} sugar production (sugar beets and sugar cane) pig food (maize 25%, wheat barley 25%, 50% sugarbeet potato ) and seed production. Sell points for all crops and products are located around the county.

Pay close attention to prices to maximize your profit. There is only one licensed fertilizer dealer in the county and can be found off the highway on north side of map. You can purchase both liquid and dry fertilizer as well as lime there. Fertilizer storage silos have been placed at each farm.

You can maximize your profits if you sell your products and purchase supplies in the big city as companies figure in transport costs at rural locations.

The compost you produce can be spread on your fields or sold at Agway (A great place to buy a wide range of goods). Be careful of local drivers they travel the speed limit and don't stop for anything.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the ground running.. Show that jerk Nitrodad you can be somebody. Maybe own the whole valley instead of him one day. Please enjoy the local scenery, back country roads and interstates, wide rivers and water falls.


To install extract the archive into „…User\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019\Mods”

. Activate all mods that’s from this archive to make this work mods.

  • Last update: Wednesday, April 7, 2021
  • Genre: Simulation
  • File size: 1840.8 MB

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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