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Cyberpunk 2077 - Full Gameplay Rebalance v.1.6 - Game mod - Download

The file Full Gameplay Rebalance v.1.6 is a modification for Cyberpunk 2077, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

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last updateThursday, February 10, 2022

Free download

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Full Gameplay Rebalance is a mod for Cyberpunk 2077, created by Scissors123454321.

Description (in author’s own words):

Balancing, bug fixes, reworks, and new content for all aspects of Cyberpunk's gameplay. The Megamod.

Cyberpunk's gameplay has dragged down this otherwise very good game quite severely, and this mod aims to fix that. All of it.

I tried to rework as little as possible and focus mostly on bug fixing and numbers balancing to keep it feeling as close as possible to the vanilla game mechanically.

There's a lot of changes here, so I've tried to organize it into the categories below:

General information: Read this at least if you don't want to read the rest of this rather long description

  1. Important notes
  2. How to customize your game
  3. Compatibility
  4. Installation Instructions

Changes not in a single file:

  1. Removed scaling (not for immersion, this enables me to fix many bugs)
  2. Lowered crit chances
  3. Removed immunities (mostly) and replaced them with resistances

Changes (mostly) in a single file:

  1. AI Improvements and Enemy Balancing
  2. Armor and Armor Mods
  3. Cyberware
  4. Explosives
  5. Food Drink and Alcohol
  6. Gameplay Mechanics
  7. Healing and Drugs
  8. Melee
  9. Perks
  10. Player Stats
  11. Ranged Weapons
  12. Quickhacks
  13. Vendors and Pricing
  14. Weapon Mods
  15. XP and Gigs

Important Notes

  1. For other modders: I've implemented better randomization for the clothing vendors and now all of their items show up. Meaning, you've got a lot more items to material swap with, and now longer have to tell people just to spawn the item in. Here is a list of all the items? that will show up at their respective vendors.
  2. There is a grenade limit. But the default is just 999 (of each type). You can customize it under "FGR - Explosives/init.lua". The possible bug has been fixed, it was another mod. Use this as you please.
  3. There is a cooldown on healing items. The default is 30, and it's shared. You can customize this under "FGR - Healing and Drugs/init.lua". Important: Don't change this to 0. Change it to 0.1 if you don't want a cooldown.
  4. Weapons with multiple projectiles listed stats are bugged, but are functionally the same. This change is because of a small bug(?) with the way enemy armor is calculated. It was much more effective against guns with more projectiles, and fixing this resulted in the listed stats being bugged. They still shoot just as fast and do just as much damage. Additionally, as of 1.3 changing the reload times rather largely, which are in fact tied to the listed dps somehow, you should really just ignore that stat entirely.
  5. This is fine to install mid playthrough, but note this:
  6. ?You should remove all your armor mods, or just get rid of all your clothing with armor mods. It won't break your game, but you'll have armor mods in slots that they aren't supposed to be in.
  7. This works on all difficulty levels.
  8. The reduction in vehicle price won't show up in your Journal or Map, but will when you go to buy vehicle. They'll still have the same listed price, so just divide that by 5. Left this in here despite the small bug because they're just so expensive.
  9. Custom Level Cap people, I've removed the scaling xp from kills which was definitely a large chunk of your xp. I've adjusted the Gig xp to compensate for this, but those extra levels may be harder to grind now. You might want to look under "FGR - XP and Gigs" and increase the kill and Gig XP accordingly.
  10. Don't base your combat settings off that intro mission with the scavs. I made this easier, because I found you could die quite often in the little car chase unless you just spammed healing items.
  11. The default headshot multiplier has always been 0, not 1. It's not a multiplier, it's the added percent damage. If you see a gun has 0.35 headshot multiplier, that means headshots do 35% more damage, not 0.35x damage.
  12. Included a reload speed hotfix for 1.3. They changed the reload times like crazy. Anyways, it's customizable under "FGR - Player Stats". I set to 0.5, but honestly you might want it even lower.
  13. Make sure you have latest CET installed. Game just updated, need to download the newest version that just recently came out.

?How to Customize Your Game

Here is a guide on how to customize your game, as well was some presets for those of you that want it easier, harder, immersive, etc.


This is more compatible than you'd think with the scale, but here's the important stuff. If it's not listed here, it's probably compatible.


Lifepath Bonuses and Gang Corp Traits, AI Netrunners Enhanced, and as far as I know all other redscript based combat mods.??


All of my other mods, except for Custom Level Cap and Player Slope Death Fix? (included in here). Click my profile to make sure you've removed them.?

Level Scaling and Balance Except for the breach protocol file, that one's fine.

?Unofficial Gameplay Patches

?Vendor Stock Overhaul and any mods that change existing vendors inventory stock.

Armor Fix for All Weapons This was a workaround, I fixed the problem at its source.?

Cool Vs Don't Die From Explosions Another workaround, fixed at its source?

Any mods that change the quality of loot drops

Any combat overhaul mods?, hp changes, or level scaling mods.

To enable compatibility with perk mods, follow this guide.

Installation Instructions

This mod requires Cyber Engine Tweaks?


?Extract and drop into Cyberpunk2077 folder.


?Remove with nexus mod manager, or

?Remove any folder called "FGR - Something" from Cyberpunk2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods

?Remove any file called "FGR - Something" from Cyberpunk2077/archive/pc/mod


Removed Scaling

In the base game, both you and the enemies gain stats as you level up. Here's the base stats for V and enemies at level 1 and level 50 on Very Hard:

?Level 1 V: 100 hp, 65-100 dps

?Level 1 enemy: ~200 hp, 50 dps

?Level 50 V: 345 hp, >5k dps

?Level 50 enemy: >10k hp, 850 dps

As you can see, without any upgrades, V is much weaker than enemies at level 50 than they are at level 1.

This causes a number of issues, so I have removed this entirely. This is by far the largest change, and required a fair bit of reduction in perks, items, etc. that just flat out increased stats like damage, health, crit chance, etc.

But before that puts you off, here's the list of things I can fix when scaling is removed:

NPC to NPC damage. Enemies do the same damage to V as they do to each other. But by the end of the game, the enemies have 30x health as V, so they don't do much damage to each other. This is the reason why your sidekick was always useless in fights, or why the cyberpsychosis quickhack was losing effectiveness, and a few other things.

Explosive damage to V. The explosive barrels are designed to do damage to enemies, which, as stated above, have 30x hp as V. Hence why you would always get one shot by these things.

V's damage to self. V's grenades did the same damage to enemies as they did to V, which is much more than V's health.

Allows items and effects with constant stats to be useful: Despite much of the game being based around this scaling, many things weren't. Berserk's superhero landing damage for instance is a constant value. In the base game, it's ~500, which is nothing to an enemy with 10k hp. So were some iconic weapon effects, perks, and more than a few other things.

More consistent gameplay. The game can't account for whether you know you can get a full set of legendary armor and armor mods before your first gig, or whether you're still running around with Yorinobu's clothing and pistol at level 20. The reason why there's so many big damage bonuses in the game like +100% melee damage here, +25% ranged damage there, is because these upgrades are all supposed to get washed out as you level up and the enemies just get more hp and damage. Hence the reason why these big bonuses had to be brought down. The end result is that the immediate bonus of a stat-increasing effect won't feel as powerful, but by the end of the game it'll feel the same.

Fixes random non-scaled items and enemies. There's a bunch of enemies and items scattered around Night City that didn't have scaling applied to them. Now, it doesn't matter, and these won't feel any different than regular enemies and items.

Allows me to implement enemy armor. Enemies don't really have armor. The only armor I could find in game was 10 for the exo-suits. Only 2-3 enemies in the game are in exo-suits. Armor reduction is by a constant value, so there's really no way to implement armor in a scaling-based game. Now, enemies have armor, and armor-related perks and effects should actually be useful.

Consistent damages. Grenades, status effects, weakspots, enemy dps, quickhack damage, etc. These damage values were all over the place, and could change pretty drastically as you levelled up.

Fix xp scaling. The level xp you get increases with the amount of health the enemy has. In the beginning of the game this was fine, but by the end, throwing some grenades at a group of Valentinos would get you 3x as much xp as a whole gig!

One downside of this, is that upgrading is now useless. I'll figure out a use for it sometime.

Lowered Crit Chances

In the base game, critical hits are practically guaranteed at a certain level. Every weapon, including shotguns, grenades, or even your bare fists was easily capable of critting on every single hit. The highest crit chance I was able to get was ~400%. I've lowered crit chances across the board so now it feels more like an actual mechanic, rather than just a guaranteed part of your damage.

This leads to some neat things, like finding out that handguns were designed to have a higher crit chance than the other guns. Or that perks and effects related to guaranteed crits are actually useful.

Removed Immunities

Immunities are very easy to get in the game, and they do a few bad things:

Make resistances useless.

Make enemy grenades, status effects, and quickhacks negligible.

Most of the perks and cyberware related to immunities has had that immunity removed and instead replaced with their respective resistances. Except for bleeding immunity because there's no such thing as physical resistance (it's just armor), and the bleeding status effect is also rather irritating.

AI Improvements and Enemy Balancing

In addition to the changes below, "FGR - AI Improvements and Enemy Balancing" allows you to customize a few things for various enemies:

Enemy HP

Enemy DPS

Randomness Modifier Increase to have enemies hit you less often, but do more damage when doing so.

List of changes:


?Enemies can see upwards. This is why sneaking was very easy with jumping legs. Enemies could only see at like a 25 degree angle upwards.

?Increased silenced gunshot listening radius. Was only 3 meters before. You could be shooting almost right next to someone and they couldn't hear ?you.

?Option to increase max range at which enemies can see you.

?Enemies no longer instantly detect you when turning off cameras, jacking in, opening doors, overriding turrets, etc. When an enemy was detecting ?you and you performed one of these actions, their detection meter would fill instantly.


Enemies have armor. Thanks to removing scaling, I can actually implement armor for enemies. It's different for a few bosses and enemy types.

?Lowered line of sight time for enemies to start firing. Part of the reason why enemies were so slow in combat, when you came running at them, ?some weapon types wouldn't start shooting for several seconds.

?Increased knockdown, stagger, and impulse thresholds. Some enemies would just sit there getting shot at once you've hit them once.

?Better snapping for melee enemies. Melee enemies could just be backed away from before, and they could never hit you. Now they connect more ?often.

?Balanced enemy dps. Some weapons, in particular the faster firing ones, would miss 8/10 shots. But then those two shots that did hit you would ?probably kill you. This has been reworked so the enemies with these guns will hit you more often, but do less damage, so you get randomly bursted ?down less often.

?V armor now correctly reduces damage from all enemy weapons. There was no reduction for melee weapons, and a massive reduction for shotguns in the base game.

?Increased smart gun dps and accuracy. Smart guns both hit very weak and not often. Enemies with smart guns were actually some of the worst in the game, while it feels like they were supposed to be stronger. Now, their bullets are faster, hit much more often, have more curvature to them, and ?do more damage.

?Increased enemy speed. Enemies are much slower than V in the game. A lot of your kills were probably just when they were slowly jogging between covers.

?Drones have more health. Was just tiny before.

Androids are stronger. Previously was just like a human that you couldn't headshot.


???Overload effects no longer destroy weakspots. Some effects like short circuit would just blow up one of the arms of mechs, trivializing fighting ?them, as you could blow up both of its arms almost instantaneously.

?Balaced weakspot explosion damage. There are slightly different types of mechs, and while the weakspot explosion damage was fine against the story mechs, it was very strong against some other mechs. I've lowered it to be less strong against those mechs.

Increased quickhack resistance. Attempting to make ultimate quickhacks possible, but not guaranteed against mechs.


?Sasquatch has much more health and damage. This is supposed to be a timed fight, but you can kill her so fast in the game while she does comparatively small dps.

Increased Oda health and damage.

?Oda's gun no longer ignores armor.

?Oda's gun does much more damage. Did 1 damage per bullet regardless.

Increased Smasher health and damage.

?Increased Smasher minigun and shotgun damage. Similar to Oda's gun, did just tiny damage before.

Smasher's weapons now do correct amounts of damage. Some attacks would get reduced to 1 damage by small amounts of armor.


?Aaron McCarlson fix. When you meet Aaron again, he would open fire on you, despite you just supposed to be having a little conversation. Now he ?doesn't.

Civilians no longer run away when you take fall damage. Aaaahh!! An injured person!

Armor and Armor Mods

List of changes:

Head and Face items are now cosmetic. Many people, including myself, are just not wearing these clothing items because they want to actually see their character. Now, they have no armor and no mod slots. I have taken that into account when balancing the rest of the clothing items.

Moved armor mods to specific clothing pieces. Armor mods have a problem where I want them to have interesting effects, but you can just stack 20 of them and break the game's mechanics. Armadillo, for instance, would let you get your armor so high you wouldn't even take damage. Or even if Boom Breaker was 5% explosion reduction, you could still stack it in all 20 slots and exploit the final mission, as some of the final bosses attacks are explosions. A full list of what goes where is below.

Added max clothing slots to all items. Another cosmetic change. There's hundreds of clothing items in the game, but you'll end up wearing only the 50ish legendary items because they have more mod slots. Also, legendary clothing items are not hard to get at all, in fact you can get a whole set for free at the beginning of the game.

Removed dummy mods from clothing items, and enabled you to remove it if you already have some with it equipped. It's called "Me-Thrill" for some reason. This was an armor mod that would spawn in your clothing item and remove one of it's mod slots. It's effects have been removed, it no longer spawns, and you can also remove it if you've got items that currently have it.

Gave all armor mods a constant rarity (mostly rare). Armor mods would get increasing stats as they increased with rarity. This mostly led to you crafting 100 of them to get 5 epics, as well as to them being rather useless at low levels. Also fixes a crafting exploit where you can get higher rarity materials for free.

Fixed all the armor mods so they actually work now. Some of these things didn't work before, now they all do.

Removed quest markers from Johnny's clothing. Only works before you obtain them. They're not actually quest items.

Fixed all armor mod descriptions. They would stack with each other before and show some weird stat.

List of armor mod effects:

Outer Torso:

?Armadillo Rare. Increases armor by 12.5.

?Resist! Rare. Reduces status effect damage by 20%.

?Vanguard Rare. Increases health by 5%.

?Boom Breaker Rare. Reduces explosion damage by 10%.

?Coolit Rare. Increases thermal resistance 50%.

?Antivenom Rare. Increases poison resistance 50%.

?Superinsulator Rare. Increases shock resistance 50%.

?Panacea Legendary. Increases all resistances 20%

Inner Torso:

?Fortuna Rare. Increases Crit chance by 2.5%

?Bully Rare. Increases Crit damage by 7%

?Showtime Rare. Increases upload speed by 5%. Reworked because it was just a straight up damage increase before, and there weren't any related to ?quickhacks. It was also just a weaker version of Predator.

Deadeye Legendary. Increases Crit chance by 1.5% and Crit damage by 4%.

Predator Legendary. Reduces the costs of ultimate quickhacks by 1. Reworked because it was just a straight up damage increase.


?Backpacker Rare. Increases carry capacity by 20, and max stamina by 10%. Added effect because this was pretty bad before.

Osmosis Rare. Increases stamina regen by 25%. Reworked because it increased oxygen before.

Tenacity Rare. Increases in combat health regen rate by 10%. Reworked because I didn't want stamina reductions to reach 100%.


?Footloose: Rare. Increases Evasion by 0.3.

Zero Drag: Rare. Increases movement speed by 10%.

Soft-Sole: Legendary. Allows you to land silently.


When something says "lower levels buffed", I increased the effectiveness of the lower rarities of this cyberware to give a reason to buy them, instead of just wait until you can get the legendary version.

If you don't want to look through all the changes, what I tried to do was make all the cyberware usable at all stages in the game, through balancing, bug fixes, and a few reworks.

List of changes:


?Fixed all cyberware mod descriptions.

?Added Intelligence requirements to cyberdecks.

Animals Knuckles fixed. Now correctly apply bleeding on every hit.

?Removed infinite stamina effect from Berserk. Berserk has actually always gave you infinite stamina, as well as halved all stamina usage. It still ?halves stamina usage. The infinite stamina is what caused the exploit with Athletics xp.

?Armor Sensory Amplifier fixed.

All Sandevistan and Berserk fragments are now a constant rarity. Similar to armor mods, to prevent them being useless at lower levels, as well as prevent crafting 100 to get 5 epics.

Target Analysis now just makes weapons non-lethal. Removed negative effects, so you non-lethal people can just equip it and not kill people without ?having your dps demolished.

?Balanced all Berserk, Sandevistan, Ocular, and Arm fragments. Some of them were crap, some of them were amazing, they should all be mostly ?usable now.

Changed weird crafting specs for cyberware. There's crafting specs for lots of cyberware mods, but always things you only ever need one of, such as Chemical Mantis Blades, and the recipe costs 10x more than just buying the thing. Some of these recipes could also pretty easily be exploited, ?while some of them were crazy expensive. I removed these in "Vendors and Pricing", but in case you've already got some, I've changed these crafting ?specs.

Frontal Cortex:

?Improved Perception: Reduced Crit damage for Removed Scaling.

Limbic System Enhancement: Reduced Crit chance for Lowered Crit Chances.

Created Epic and Legendary Memory Boost: (Gain RAM on defeating an enemy)

?Camillo RAM Manager works now, and has been buffed. Didn't work properly before, also buffed it to give you 40 and 60% of your RAM back. Also ?reduced cooldown to 2 minutes instead of 4.

?Created Epic and Legendary RAM Upgrade and buffed lower levels.

Heal-On-Kill lower levels buffed. 5% hp back at Common rarity now, instead of 2%.

Ex-Disk lower levels buffed. 3 more RAM at Rare instead of 1.

Mechatronic Core nerfed. 10% to 25% increase now, instead of 50%.

Circulatory Sytem:

Adrenaline Booster lower levels buffed.

Bioconductor lower levels buffed.

Biomonitor fixed and nerfed. Changed HP threshold to 50%, and this makes it work much better. The HP has to fall between the threshold and 0, and at ?15%, this rarely happened. HP gained back is only 45% at legendary now. Should also distinguish this effect from Second Heart's.

?Bioplastic Blood Vessels reworked. Increase HP regen in combat now, but not by as much as it was.

Syn-lungs greatly buffed. Was just very weak before.

Removed Body requirement from Second Heart. To reduce the disparity between Body and non-Body builds.

Immune System:

Cataresist lower levels buffed.

?Detoxifier increases chemical resistance instead of grants immunity.

?Removed immunity from Inductor.

?Removed immunity from Metabolic Enhancer and nerfed its effect. This could be exploited to have crazy health regen.

?Shock N Awe and Microgenerator correctly apply shock, correctly apply damage, and has reduced chance. The shock wasn't applying, and the damage was more ?than the devs intended and would just one shot enemies. Also, chance reduced because it doesn't have a cooldown, and you could turn into a little ?fireworks display.

Nervous System:

Nanorelays lower levels buffed.

?Neofiber increases evasion by constant amount instead of percent (buff). Evasion isn't a percent, and even a 15% increase to what you currently have isn't very useful.

Integumentary System:

Fireproof coating increases resistance instead of grants immunity.

?Grounding plating increases resistance instead of grants immunity.

Removed immunity from Heat Converter.

?Changed Subdermal Armor to be in line with game. Not necessarily a nerf, just moving it's balance to what I've set.


Bionic Joints buffed, and created a Legendary version.

?Dense marrow slightly changed, and introduced an Epic version.

?Microrotors buffed.

Microvibration generators slightly changed to keep in line with balance.

Synaptic Signal Optimizer nerfed. Now a 40% hp bonus at legendary, down from 60%.


Lynx Paws new effects. Reduces movement noise by 50%, fall damage by 80%, and enables leaping with all melee weapons. Wasn't very good before.

?Rocket boots fall damage reduction increase. Reduces fall damage by 80% now.


List of changes:

Introduced grenade limit. Default is 999, ie no real limit. But set it to what you want.

Buffed Projectile Launcher. This did less damage than grenades before, now does more.

Reworked Tranquilizer Rounds. Previously, these things just one shot everything, as well has having no difference between a charged and uncharged shot. Now, a 15% chance to KO enemies uncharged, and 35% chance charged. Also made it do a fair amount of chemical damage.

Guns with explosive bullets do more damage. The exploding bullet had a modifier that actually reduced its damage by up to 3x less in some instances. This effect should feel more unique and powerful now.

Balanced grenades in general to fit with current balance.

Food, Drinks, and Alcohol

I made these changes mostly to make the food and alcohol vendors useful. The rarities are determined by the items quality (not rarity, but just like how fancy of a drink is this.)

List of changes:

Food has 3 qualities, with more effects depending on quality. Common adds health and out of combat health regen. Uncommon contributes in combat hp regen, and then Rare adds another health bonus.

Drinks have 3 qualities, with more effects depending on quality. Common adds stamina and stamina regen. Uncommon reduces the delay on regenerating stamina, and then Rare adds more stamina regeneration.

Alcohol has 3 qualities, with more effects depending on quality. Uncommon reduces recoil and sway with larger side effects, rare has less side effects, and epic has little to no side effects.

Reduced drunkeness debuffs from alcohol.

Removed stacking from alcohol. I left in an option to add it back, but stacking alcohol leads to some really crazy recoil and sway.

Introduced a "Jackie Welles" drink and crafting spec. Immersion.

Increased duration of alcohol, food, and drink effects. 10 minutes each. Customizable.

Healing and Drugs

Two problems I aim to fix with this section: Ability to exploit healing items by spamming them, and no reason to visit med vendors.

There's lots of customization in this section, so be sure to open up "FGR - Healing and Drugs/init.lua" and set the values to what you want.

List of changes:

Introduced cooldown for healing items. Default is 30 seconds, but set it to whatever you want, except for 0. Set it to 0.1 if you don't want a cooldown.

Slightly changed some effects of healing items. Reduced Maxdoc and Bounce Back's healing a little. Also halved Bounce Back's duration.

Added 24 drugs into the game. They've all got unique models, icons, and effects. Each of which is a drug that's been mentioned in the game at some point. They perform some amount of healing, and then also some unique effect. The effect (but not the healing) gets more powerful as the drugs increase in rarity. They also share a cooldown with the healing items.

List of drugs:


?Black Lace. Increases armor.

?Rainbow Poppers. Increases ricochet count

?Glitter. Increases movement speed.

?FR3SH. Increases RAM regen rate.

?Second Wind. Reduces cyberware cooldowns.

?Locus. Increases crit damage.

?E-vade. Increases evasion and movement speed.

?Be-Rite Back. Increases max health.

?Juice. Increases Berserk melee bonus and Superhero Landing damage

?Rara. Increases upload speed.

?Ullr. Berserk entirely eliminates recoil and sway.

?Arasaka Reflex Booster. When active, activating Sandevistan or Kerenzikov results in a more powerful slow time effect.


?Purple Haze. Increases ricochet count.

?Donner. Increases stamina.

?IC3C0LD. Increases quickhack duration.

Synthetic Blood. Increases stamina regen.

Roaring Phoenix. Increases attack speed.

Cleanser. Increases all resistances to 100%.

GrisGris. Increases crit chance.

Superjet. Increases max speed and jump height.

Deimos. Increases health, armor, and stamina, but slows movement speed.

?Aspis. Removes the delay on regenerating stamina.

Brisky. Enables leaping with all melee weapons while active.

Karanos. Reduces the cost of Ultimate quickhacks.

Gameplay Mechanics

Some general gameplay changes/fixes:

Fix/rework enemy armor. Different from Armor Fix for All Weapons. Weapons with multiple projectiles were very bad against armor.

Fix V armor. Similar to Armor Fix for All Weapons. Some weapons were affected too much by armor, some not at all.

Reduced status effect damage. Status effects will kill enemies in the base game, regardless their starting health. Does not affect quickhacks.

Made Johnny's flashbacks a bit easier. Increased the HP regen so you don't die in these so often on increased difficulty settings.

Removed quality scaling. Loot drops increased in quality as you level up. Now they don't.

Archived files, not customizable:

Player Slope Death Fix. Same is in my other mod, throwing it in here just because.

Reduced Player Speed Scaling. Turns out I was wrong, speed was increasing with reflexes, but it was just massive. Also it wasn't with 20 reflexes, it stopped at 10 in most instances.

Implemented Level Scaling. Big thanks to rmk1234? for letting me use a very close version to one of their files. This one also removes the disparities between levels, so as to not let random unscaled enemies be incredibly weaker.

Made the first mission with the scavs a little easier. You could die quite often in that car chase, so I made it a bit easier.


Not listed here, but the problem with Melee cyberware before was that they didn't scale to 50. Melee cyberware are perfectly viable using this mod.

List of changes:

Adjusted DPS to be closer to that of ranged weapons. Their dps is customizable.

Speed up for Mantis Blade Finisher. 1.2 seconds now, on par with other finishers.

Removed secondary stats (except status effect application). This is mostly for the Removed Scaling, but also, these just got so incredibly high they overshadowed any other related effects, especially with crit chance.

Removed minimum hit reaction and lowered hit reactions. Melee weapons can permanently stagger enemies, including bosses, so I removed their minimum effect and reduced the effect altogether.

Nerfed Strong attacks. Strong attacks aren't very slow, and the best way to attack enemies was just to repeatedly strong attack.

Increased Stamina regen delay. The stamina regen delay was small enough that you could regenerate stamina in between blocking attacks. This increases it, and is customizable.

Removed 2 hidden scalars doubling attack speed. Attack speed can only go to double what it starts as. Attack speed should now feel more like a dynamic mechanic, rather than just a constant value.

Increased stamina cost for blocking drastically. Customizable. The stamina cost for blocking is pretty small in the base game.

Added nonlethal hit flags to blunt weapons.

Lowered Satori's crit damage bonus to be in line with mod's balance. 250% instead of 500%. Still a lot.


Important: A lot of the changes below are just slight nerfs to keep the balance in line for Removed Scaling. However, there's also ~18 perks that weren't working correctly, but now are. Only a few perks that weren't straight up damage were nerfed.

Not listed below, but the tech weapon perk that makes them ignore armor has an effect now that I've implemented enemy armor.


?Removed HP bonus from levelling Body. In the base game, playing with Body gives you ~80% more health and 3 lives. It's much much better than not playing with Body. There's also a whole plethora of other unique effects Body has, in addition to its weapons. All I'm really trying to reduce about it is just the straight up HP bonuses.

?Removed melee damage bonus from levelling Body. Another change to bring Body in line stats-wise.


Nerfed Daisy Chain. This would practically remove cooldowns entirely.

Breach Protocol

?Mass Vulnerability Daemon rework. Enemies don't have Physical Resistance. This just reduced armor by a flat 30. Now that enemies have armor, it reduces that armor by 30%.


?Slightly lowered Crit chance and Crit damages. To keep in line with Remove Scaling

Lowered the trait effect. To keep in line with Remove Scaling

Shock immunity changed to resistance.

Tesla nerfed. There's no such thing as a "Charge Multiplier". It just increases all charge damage by that amount, so this was just a 55% damage increase.

?Shrapnel perk works on all grenades. Only worked on frag grenades before, now works on all. Except recon and Gash, because they're lasers.


?Crafting bonuses add a constant 5% of each stat, and now correctly apply to melee weapons and LMGs. Multiplied existing stats and didn't work on melee and LMGs, now they do.

?Removed hidden bonus to crafted melee weapons that didn't require a perk.


?Judge Jury Executioner nerfed.

Offensive Defense fixed. This was increasing strong attack damage, not counterattacks.

Blessed Blade nerfed.

?Stamina reduction reduced. To prevent it from stacking to 100%.

Street Brawler

?Trait nerfed

Combo damage perk nerfed.

Strong attack damage perk nerfed.

Frenzy nerfed.

Thrash description fixed.

?Stamina reduction reduced. To prevent it from stacking to 100%.


?Named Bullets nerfed.

Duck hunter nerfed.

All 3 cover related perks fixed. Had no effect before, now they actually do something.

Executioner health threshold increased.

Savage Stoic nerfed

Long shot nerfed.


?Trait damage bonus nerfed.

High Noon nerfed.

Long Shot Drop Pop nerfed.

Headshot mult perk nerfed.

Brainpower nerfed.


?Ninjutsu fixed. Works now!

Cool stealth damage increase description fixed. It never was a 10% increase.

?Hasten the Inevitable fixed. Works now!

Silent and Deadly description fix. Updated description to reflect what it actually does.

?Assassin nerfed.

Sniper nerfed.

From the Shadows nerfed and fixed. Would apply to all combat, not just 7 seconds long.

Leg Up no longer gives you the speed bonus upon reloading a save. A bug where you'd be moving faster any time you loaded a save.

?Aggressive Antitoxins changed to resistance.

?Double Poison damage changed to 50% bonus.

Cold Blood

?Some passive bonuses reduced.

Trait nerfed.

Headshot perk nerfed.

Cold and Calculating nerfed. This would trivialize needing to kill people to get Cold Blood. One Carnage shot would get you 5 stacks already.

?Quick Transfer buffed.

Immunity changed to resistances.

?Rapid Bloodflow nerfed. The amount of HP regen from this perk made the game rather easy.


?Hard Motherfucker description fix.

?Wolverine reduced to 80% reduction. A delay of 0.5 seconds causes some minor bugs, in particular with Second Heart.


?Unstoppable reworked in order to fix it. Previously would stack indefinitely. Now only stacks once, but is a bit more powerful to compensate.

?Massacre nerfed.

Crit damage proficiency nerfed.

Customize Player Stats

This file grants you the ability to customize some of the stats for V, including:

Movement speed

Jump height, including that for all cyberware

Carry Capacity

Base crit chance, crit dmg

Movement and general noise V makes.

Customizeable hp

Customizeable reload time. Also used this as a hotfix for the weird reload times in 1.3.

A few other things.

I've set some default values for these, but feel free to change them however you please.

Ranged Weapons

Lots of changes here, but most importantly, you can customize the fire rate, dps, and headshot multiplier of individual weapons in this file.

List of changes:


?Balanced dps and fire rate of all guns. HMGs would hit really really weak, LMGs weren't much better, and a plethora of other balance has been changed. More damage for Johnny's pistol, as well as toning down some of the much stronger weapons like the Quasar or Zhuo.

?Reduced recoil and spread for pistols and SMGs. Some of these guns like the Lexington were very hard to control, despite being a pistol.

?LMG mod slot fix. Technically it's a shotgun now, but if you don't want some small visual side effects, you can put your mods in, and then turn off the fix in this file.

Lowered hit reactions of faster firing weapons. So enemies don't get hit once and just stagger in place until you kill them.

HMG ammo reduction. 300 ammo is a lot considering that the HMG is now actually good, adding on top of that there's that bug that reloads your ammo when you reload your save.

Removed secondary stats altogether (except status effect application). This is mostly for Removed Scaling, but also these effects were just so high they overshadowed all the other effects, in particular Crit chance.

Added missing headshot multiplier base value to double barreled shotguns.

?Brought some Iconic weapon's balance in line with this mod's balance. They just had some constant stats that were too strong for removed scaling.

Tech Weapons:

?Gives you option to disable seeing through walls when you aim with tech weapons. Enabled by default.

Gives you option to disable shooting through walls altogether. Disabled by default. Associated perks and effects are also changed.

Nekomata shaking fix. Would shake uncontrollably when aiming.

Burya sights fix. Wouldn't shoot where the sight was. Not perfect, but better.

Removed hidden Charge Multiplier scalar. Technically, this is contained in the "removed all secondary stats" part, but it needs its own section. Tech weapons had a hidden charge multiplier that started at 1, and went up to 5. It was slowly quintupling your damage as you went along, hence why they started out fine, but slowly got too powerful.

Smart Weapons:

?Differentiated locking time for aiming and not aiming. Previously, they took the same amount of time.

Increased locking time, in particular for when not aiming. Locking onto the target should feel like an actual mechanic now, rather than just briefly hovering over them.

Reduced base accuracy from 100%. The base accuracy for all smart guns was 100%, given you had a smart link equipped, so the 15% increase the legendary smart link hands would give you did nothing. They have a base accuracy of 75% now.

Fixed Smart Weapon listed DPS. Equpping a smart link would double the listed DPS on the gun. Wouldn't change the actual dps, just what it says it was.

?Reduced dps compared to power weapons. If you don't have to aim, they should be slightly weaker.

Attachments and Effects:

?Removed Dummy mods from spawn lists. Weapons now always spawn with the maximum number of slots. You can remove this mod too now if you're installing mid playthrough.

Made all silencers rare, and gave them unique effects. You can get a blue silencer before even leaving V's apartment for the first time, so now they're all blue.

Reduced stealth damage bonus from silencers. This effect was pretty powerful, and at some point you can just shoot people in the body with a revolver and kill them 3 times over.

Set a constant rarity for all weapon mods. Mostly rare. Randomized rarities for mods has some problems.

Changed "No vertical recoil effect" to "No sway". Eliminating recoil is fairly strong for a single weapon mod.

Changed Crunch to be a percent increase, rather than a constant. While I did like the idea, letting Crunch be a constant means that the only shotguns you'll ever use are those with the most bullets and the most mod slots. It also doesn't work very will with removed scaling.

Made unique weapon effects always spawn on Rare, Epic, and Legendary items, and changed their distribution. You know the effects like "Decreases charge time by X%", or "Increases Projectile Energy by 6x" that were really rare? Now they spawn on all items Rare and above, including crafted, but NOT vendor items. Higher quality items get the better effects. I've also balanced them, as some of them were maybe a bit strong.


These are mostly nerfs, but I've also buffed some areas of quickhacking, in particular the lower levels of damage quickhacks.

List of changes:

Short circuit does less initial damage, more damage over time.

Contagion does less initial damage.

Overheat does its damage in less time. The disabling all enemy functions effect was very strong on bosses, where it could last for up to 30 seconds.

Removed the increase in damage from quality for damaging quickhacks. All that bonus damage is now in the first level of the quickhack, so they're stronger at the beginning of the game.

Increased cooldowns and cost for damaging quickhacks. Trying to prevent people from being able to spam damage quickhacks.

Reworked Legendary Short Circuit. No longer provides the effect on critically hitting. I can't balance this. Now, it grants immunity to all shock and EMP effects.

Increased cost for Ultimate quickhacks. They're very cheap and easy to use. Now, they aren't.

Reduced duration for Ping, Reboot Optics, and Cripple Movement. Three very powerful quickhacks because of their very long duration.

Removed changes in upload speed from memory cost. The cheaper a quickhack was, the faster it would upload, and vice versa. This made quickhacks able to be instantly uploaded at a certain point.

Reduced upload speed and cooldown reduction bonuses from various cyberdecks. A few cyberdecks, in particular the Tetratronic Rippler, would trivialize upload speed and/or cooldown reduction, making both of them practically zero.

Increased cost for Friendly Mode and Take Control for turrets. Turrets are strong.

Vendors and Pricing

Reworks vendor inventories and prices for many things, as well as distributes some of the items from the above sections.

List of changes:


?Vehicle prices reduced 80%. Customizable. All the vehicles put together cost over 1 million eddies, and you don't get enough money to buy them all if you play through all the content in the game. Important: This does have a bug, in that it won't show up as less in your Journal or Map, but it will cost less when you go to buy it.

?Adjusted prices for various things. Some of the prices in this game are a bit wack. Just a couple random changes.

Increased Drop Point money to 100k. I don't want people to be encouraged to run around between drop points or just wait 24 hours a few times when they want to sell things.?

?Increased amount of materials that spawn on vendors. You could wait 24 hours to buy more of these anyways.

?Flat price curves. The price of clothing and weapons no longer increases with your level.

Some random description fixes. Yoko was called Dewdrop Inn, and some other stuff like that.

Clothing Vendors:

?Implemented better randomization, vastly increasing the amount of clothing in the game. The vendor lists for the clothing vendors were over 100 items long in some cases, however, only 40 items can spawn at a time, and thanks to the randomization, a large chunk of clothing items were never spawning.

?Distributed an armor mod and crafing spec to each clothing vendor. 4 armor mods actually, so you don't have to wait 24 hours to buy another one.

Adjusted clothing prices. Previously, outer torsos were much more expensive than everything else. They're all much closer together now.


?Distributed epic and legendary quickhacks, unique to each vendor, with a much lower SC requirement than in the base game. In the base game, there are legendary quickhacks at netrunners, but the SC req is too high so by that point you'd never need to buy it from them.

?Distributed various netrunning items. RAM jolt, netrunner armor, armor mods related to netrunning, etc.

Increased quickhack material stock. Don't want people to be encouraged to wait 24 hours to get more stock.

?Increased quickhack price.

Junk Vendors:

?Distributed a large variety of unique items, including armor mods, weapons, blueprints, clothing etc. These vendors were a bit useless in the base game. Now they've got a number of unique items.


?Distributed new cyberware from Cyberware section above.

?Implemented better randomization for Viktor. He actually had a few more items tucked away, including two cyberdecks that you can't get in the base game. Not legendary, but still.

?Added SC requirements to various items. Legendary Mantis blade rotors, epic kiroshi optics, etc. The higher level versions of things that had lower SC requirements than their mid-tier counterparts.

?Reduced SC requirement for Blue Arm Cyberware. Previously was 20, now is 10.

Reduced Cyberware costs. With the cyberware changes above, there's so many interesting items you'd wanna try out but can't because they cost too much. In addition, you never had enough money to buy the increasing rarities of the cyberware, usually just the lowest rarity, and then the highest rarity.

Removed weird crafting specs. There's lots of crafting specs for cyberware mods that cost 10x more than just buying the item that you only need one of.

Med Vendors:

?Distributed drugs from Healing and Drugs section. Typically two each, with some special cases.

XP and Gigs

List of changes:

Removed XP, SC, and Bounty scaling from enemies. There's a problem with the base game where you get more and more rewards for killing them, and by the end, throwing some grenades at 3 Maelstromers gets you more than a whole gig.

Increased Gig rewards. To account for the rather large loss from the above. Also to make Gigs more meaningful. Customizable.

Customizeable rewards from kills and Gigs. Level up as fast as you want.

Reduced XP needed for proficiencies. In particular at higher levels. I've played through all the content in the game and still not gotten some of these things to 20. The last level takes an extra amount of xp.

Vastly increased Athletics XP. Due to a Berserk change, there's no more exploit. Athletics increased by 20 xp for every 500 stamina spent. Now it's 100 per 100 stamina.

Removed SC from buying vehicles. Not really important, but yeah.

Introduced better SC requirements for gigs. With scaling removed and enemies being constant difficulty everywhere, some of the more high profile gigs, in particular in City Center, no longer unlock immediately.

  • Last update: Thursday, February 10, 2022
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 649.9 KB
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