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Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Smart Bots 2.0 v.1.2.5 - Game mod - Download

The file Smart Bots 2.0 v.1.2.5 is a modification for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateTuesday, September 7, 2021

Free download

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Smart Bots 2.0 is a mod for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, create d by gladias9.


This makes bots far more effective and more viable on higher difficulties. They actually help instead of being a more of a burdem.

With this mod Ai companions shoot further and react faster. They also feature human skins and changed names


Installation of Aliens: Fireteam Elite mods is simple. Download the archive and extract it. You will end up with .pak file. Place .pak file into [GAME]\Endeavor\Content\Paks\~mods folder.. Don't forget the ~mods folder, If it’s not there, just create it yourself

  • Last update: Tuesday, September 7, 2021
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 32 KB

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