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Choo-Choo Charles - Cheat Table (CT) v.1.0.2 - Game mod - Download

The file Cheat Table (CT) v.1.0.2 is a modification for Choo-Choo Charles, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateMonday, January 23, 2023

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Cheat Table is a scripts for Cheat Engine to be used with Choo-Choo Charles. It was created by Glowmoss.


The mod adds a cheat system to the game and allows you to modify various in-game data,

This table includes:

  1. InfHP
  2. Player
  3. Player HP (not really used as far as I can see)
  4. Sprint Speed
  5. Walk Speed
  6. Jump Height (have infhp on if you have your jump high)


  1. Max Forward Speed
  2. Max Backwards Speed (The speed is negative whatever number)
  3. Acceleration Multiplier
  4. Current Speed (The train will move even with the brake on if you set this)
  5. Current Position On Tracks (will move the train to a specific part on the tracks)
  6. Braking Multiplier (if you have a high forward and/or backwards speed make this 9999 or something high to stop the train immediately instead of the train traveling half way across the map)
  7. Machine Gun DMG
  8. Machine Gun Slowing Multiplier
  9. Machine Gun Jamming
  10. Machine Gun Jammed
  11. Machine Gun Jam Threshhold (set this to 999999999 so the gun never overheats)
  12. Range Gun DMG
  13. Range Gun Slowing Multiplier
  14. Range Gun Jamming
  15. Range Gun Jammed
  16. Range Gun Jam Threshhold (set this to 999999999 so the gun never overheats)
  17. Flamethrower Jamming
  18. Flamethrower Jammed
  19. Flamethrower Jam Threshhold (set this to 999999999 so the gun never overheats)
  20. HP (doesn't do anything if changed)


  1. Face DMG Multiplier
  2. Body DMG Multiplier
  3. Legs DMG Multiplier
  4. Face Slowing Multiplier
  5. Body Slowing Multiplier
  6. Legs Slowing Multiplier
  7. DMG to Player
  8. DMG to Train
  9. DMG to Player on Train
  10. Knockback Multiplier
  11. Boss Mode?
  12. Dead?
  13. Boss Cosmetics On
  14. Disable Wall Collision
  15. Fight Over (Can end a fight. A lot of the time does nothing though)
  16. Can DMG? (Charles can't hurt you at all if this is 0)
  17. Chase Speed


Load with Cheat Engine

Download the mod

Start the game

Run and Attach CE to game’s .exe.

Load downloaded table

Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1

  • Last update: Monday, January 23, 2023
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 19 KB