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Dwarf Fortress - DFHack v.50.7-alpha 2 - Game mod - Download

The file DFHack v.50.7-alpha 2 is a modification for Dwarf Fortress, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateTuesday, March 7, 2023

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

DFHack is a mod for Dwarf Fortress (it requires the Steam versions), created by DFHack.


Hack is a framework for Dwarf Fortress that provides a unified, cross-platform environment that enables mods and tools to significantly extend the game. The default DFHack distribution contains a wide variety of tools, including bugfixes, interface improvements, automation agents, design blueprints, modding building blocks, and more. Third-party tools (e.g. mods downloaded from Steam Workshop or the forums) can also seamlessly integrate with the DFHack framework and extend the game far beyond what can be done by just modding the raws.

DFHack’s mission is to provide tools and interfaces for players and modders to:

  1. expand the bounds of what is possible in Dwarf Fortress
  2. reduce the impact of game bugs
  3. give the player more agency and control over the game
  4. provide alternatives to toilsome or frustrating aspects of gameplay
  5. make the game more fun

What can I do with DFHack tools?

DFHack has been around for a long time – almost as long as Dwarf Fortress itself. Many of the game’s rough edges have been smoothed with DFHack tools. Here are some common tasks people use DFHack tools to accomplish:

  1. Automatically chop trees when log stocks are low
  2. Record blueprint files that allow copy and paste of fort designs
  3. Import and export lists of manager orders
  4. Clean contaminants from map squares that dwarves can’t reach
  5. Automatically butcher excess livestock so you don’t become overrun with animals
  6. Promote time-sensitive job types (e.g. food hauling) so they are done expediently
  7. Quickly scan the map for visible ores of specific types so you can focus your mining efforts
  8. Some tools are one-shot commands. For example, you can run unforbid all to claim all items on the map after a messy siege.

Other tools must be enabled and then they will run in the background. For example, enable seedwatch will start monitoring your stocks of seeds and prevent your chefs from cooking seeds that you need for planting. Tools that are enabled in the context of a fort will save their state with that fort, and the will remember that they are enabled the next time you load your save.

A third class of tools add information to the screen or provide new integrated functionality via the DFHack overlay framework. For example, the unsuspend tool, in addition to its basic function of unsuspending all building construction jobs, can also overlay a marker on suspended buildings to indicate that they are suspended (and will use different markers to tell you whether this is a problem). These overlays can be enabled and configured with the gui/overlay interface.

How to install the mod:

Extract to game’s folder.

For more information consult mod’s documentation.

  • Last update: Tuesday, March 7, 2023
  • Genre: RPG
  • File size: 15.8 MB

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