Gaming NewsFeb 10, 2017 at 7:17a PSTby luckie

Meet Stories Untold, a horror within a horror, coming out this month

If you are a fan of horror stories and retro style in general, you should definitely meet Stories Untold, a bunch of horror text adventures within a game.

Fans of the horror genre have another interesting title to look forward to – and it’s coming out this month. We’re talking about Stories Untold, a game by indie studio No Code to be published by Devolver Digital for PC on February 27, 2017.

The concept for Stories Untold is pretty interesting, as it’s a sort of a horror within a horror. The title is composed of four separate stories that take the form of text adventure games played on an in-game 8-bit computer. One of them is The House Abandon, which was originally created by No Code for the Ludum Dare game jam and released for free last year (you can still download it from here). As you play these games and gradually discover the house’s dark secret, the environments around you change (this is still in the game, not in your own room, silly!) and become more and more dreadful.

Interestingly, No Code is a studio co-founded by Jon McKellan, who previously worked on Alien: Isolation, which successfully captured Ridley Scott’s artistic vision in the first Alien film. Find out more about the team, as well as their upcoming game, on Untild Stories’ Steam page.