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The Bard's Tale original trilogy remaster unlikely to happen [Update: "It will" says dev]

Until now The Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter backers hoped to get the remastered versions of the original trilogy. Unfortunately, there may be a problem with that, as the publisher believes the works on the project have stopped.


In response to inXile Entertainment expressing their doubts about The Bard’s Tale original trilogy remastered ever seeing the light of day, the head of Olde Skuul, Rebecca Heineman, made it loud and clear that she had every intention to complete the works on the games, PC Gamer learned. She explained:

I asked inXile for a payment for work done to date, they declined, I had to take a paying gig. Simple as that. They will [be completed]. The Bard's Tale trilogy is my baby. Especially Bard's Tale 3. I want the game to be finished, because I want to play it.

She also added that she would like to make a deal with inXile to publish the games herself. Of course she would deliver the promised free copies to Kickstarter backers.

Original story

It seems that inXile Entertainment will fail to deliver the fans the remastered versions of The Bard’s Tale original trilogy, which was supposed to be a free gift for The Bard’s Tale IV Kickstarter backers. The updated editions of those three games – The Bard's Tale (1987), The Destiny Knight (1988), and Thief of Fate (1990) – have been in development by Olde Skuul, the studio founded by the third installment’s designer, Rebecca Heineman.

If you’d like to return to the classic installments of The Bard’s Tale series, the emulated versions will have to do. - 2017-02-15
If you’d like to return to the classic installments of The Bard’s Tale series, the emulated versions will have to do.

A recent post on inXile’s forums explains that it was Olde Skuul who first expressed interest in making the remasters. Although reluctant at first, inXile agreed to that offer, under the condition that they would get paid only after completing the works. However, over time the development progress slowed and eventually stopped despite inXile’s efforts to aid Olde Skuul. Moreover, some time ago Rebecca Heineman suggested that her studio stopped working on the games, because they hadn’t received due payment, which is clearly in contrast to what inXile claims the two parties had agreed on. Whichever side is right, all this most likely means that the remasters will likely never see the light of day.

As for The Bard’s Tale IV, the game is still coming out this year for PC.