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Gaming NewsOct 6, 2017 at 4:38a PSTby Anna Wierzbieta

60 Parsecs! is a new game from 60 Seconds! dev

60 Seconds! developer, Polish indie studio Robot Gentleman, has announced 60 Parsecs! - survival adventure that takes the proven concept into space.

Robot Gentleman is a small Polish indie studio that came out of nowhere with a pretty neat dark comedy survival adventure 60 Seconds!. The idea was that you have only 60 seconds before an atomic bomb hits the ground – within that time you had to frantically collect anything you and your family would be going to need to survive the next months and hide inside a fallout shelter built beneath their house. The game turned out to be a pretty succesful Steam release with mostly positive reviews. Now the studio has announced their next project.

60 Parsecs! is going to take the concept of 60 Seconds! to outer space. You start on a space station which is about to get hit hard and you have a minute to prepare your crew for a journey into the unknown. And when the rocket launches, you have to make do with your frantic decisions and face all sorts of space hazards for as long as you can. The game’s release date has not yet been announced, but you can view its Steam store page.