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Movies & Series 13 November 2020, 10:35

author: Adam Zechenter

10 Things Netflix has to Improve in The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher rocking Netflix, and we're looking for holes in the whole thing, dismantling the American production to the first factors and wondering what could have been done better.

Enough with the cheap shock

I don't mind intense scenes, but I like them to serve a purpose. Meanwhile, The Witcher is often pointlessly edgy, as if the authors wanted to show something gruesome just for the hell of it.

Fringilla Vigo becomes a sadistic murderer, like an absurd, vile, chaotic villain from a comic book. Her colleague eats a piece of skin of the dead queen Calanthe, and then Ms. Vigo picturesquely rips the guts out of the unfortunate individual to locate Ciri. Later, the witch transforms her subordinates into magical shells for trebuchet, in the last episode. The creators probably wanted to show how dark and violent the world is. Yeah, totally inconspicuous.

There are also moments when the series tries to nod at the fans of Game of Thrones, repeatedly ridiculed for senseless nudity and soft-porn sex scenes that introduced nothing in the story. Does Yennefer have to be naked when fighting the jinn? It's apparently advisable. Do we need a massive orgy in the same episode? I understand, it looks quite spectacular, and has potential to spread through whisper marketing, but I'd prefer the developers to be more focused on good scenes, rather than cheap shots like that.


I'm skeptical. Intense, edgy scenes, should appear in the coming seasons because this sells, even to the detriment of logic.

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