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Movies & Series 09 January 2022, 14:44

author: Marek Jura

8 Best Easter Eggs From Netflix The Witcher Season 2

The second season of Netflix's The Witcher is certainly not a perfect one, and we've already discussed its pros and cons in the review. However, let's talk about something more up-beat, like easter eggs.

It's hard to blame the creators for almost constantly throwing in references and blinking an eye to fans. The easter eggs are a tribute not only to Sapkowski's stories and novels (I mean, you can't NOT include them), but also to the quests from The Witcher 3. And that's not all! Season 2 even featured a reference to one character from Shrek and to Avengers: Infinity War. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich may not be faithful to the original story, but man, she did weave a whole range of pop culture references into the series.


The text includes spoilers from the series, books and games about The Witcher. You've been warned!

Unicorns exist. And they can be stuffed.

  1. Episode: 6
  2. What does it refer to?: Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski and The Witcher 3

In Sword of Destiny, Sapkowski mentioned that Yennefer's rich collection also included a neatly stuffed unicorn. The sorceress liked to have sex on it. However, Geralt did not necessarily like it as for him the only worse place to practice the art of love would be the back of a living unicorn.

The unicorn from The Witcher 3 referred exactly to these few lines. It was on its back that one of the game's most memorable love scenes took place. In this case, the witcher was also not delighted at the thought of having to experience erotic raptures there. He even asked Yennefer when she would finally throw the exhibit away. The sorceress, however, replied that there were too many memories associated with it.

In Episode 6, Ciri asks Yen if unicorns really exist. She tells her that she saw not only living unicorns, but also stuffed ones. Moreover, one of them belonged to her collection, but then it broke... under mysterious circumstances. At this point, the sorceress looks at the witcher suggestively. At this point, there's no denying what these mysterious circumstances were exactly.

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