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Movies & Series 01 January 2022, 15:00

author: Marek Jura

15 Most Important Moments From Dragon Ball

Before Pokemon, Naruto and One Piece conquered the world, Goku came to us from the Land of the Cherry Blossom on a magic cloud. Say what you want, but whether it's because of nostalgia or the universality of the story, no other anime moves me as much!

12. Pan spends time with her grandfather

  1. Which series is it: Dragon Ball Z
  2. Starring: Goku, Pan

"Z" almost completely gave up the adventure storylines known from the first Dragon Ball, focusing on fights for the highest stakes. So we were missing the view on characters' everyday life. A few fillers (i.e. scenes that appear only in the anime, not in the manga) are not enough to add more humanity to the Z warriors. Humanity or Saiyanity, whatever.

In the last episodes of Dragon Ball Z, the most exciting thing is not the martial arts tournament or the farewell to Goku and the company, but the moment when Pan appears. The then little girl is having a great time with her grandfather. And he himself, for the first time in the series, shows that he can be not only a good friend, but also a patient guardian. Goku has finally grown up for that role as well. And even if he ran away from training with Uub shortly after, the moment when he gently lifts his granddaughter so she can shake the big rabbit's hand touches me every time I come back to this episode. You too?

Goku defeats Piccolo Daimao

Piccolo Daimao ordered the killing of Kuririn. He was also responsible for the deaths of Kamesennin, Chaouzu and Shenron. Previously, there was no antagonist so strong in the series, willing to rule over the whole world and ready to defile any sanctity. That's why the final showdown between Goku and Piccolo Daimao is the first game of such high stakes. Extremely exciting, and at the same time full of plot twists and effective techniques presented by both warriors. It is also the first time that Goku kills an important opponent with the Dragon's Fist.

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