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Hardware 06 November 2020, 18:08

author: Michael Ostiak

PS5 Review - A Promise of a Better Tomorrow

Waiting is over, and the PS5 is finally coming. Is it a real next-gen? Is it worth its price? All the answers will be in this text. Here's our review of PlayStation 5.

Browsing Reddit and Twitter in recent weeks (even months), I had the impression that the level of excitement resulting from the upcoming release of PS5 reaches absurd dimensions. I admit I also was very curious what Sony prepared for us this time, but none of the presentations or announcements convinced me to buy tickets for the hype train. Was it worth the wait? I hope that my review will help you find the answer to this question.

I can say that I am one of the few lucky ones who had the opportunity to spend quite a lot of time with new generation consoles even before their official premiere. I was very tempted to set up a small comparison of the new gaming systems as part of the PlayStation 5 review. But there will be a time for that today, we focus on PS5. Let me just say that both Sony and Microsoft have prepared very interesting architectures for potential customers. I expect a fierce and even fight for players' hearts and wallets.

PlayStation 5 comes to you in a pretty big box that, surprisingly, doesn't contain a lot of gadgets or other accessories. The manufacturer provides only what is absolutely necessary: the console, gamepad, HDMI 2.1 cable, power cord, cables for connecting and charging the controller and, of course, the obligatory "paperwork", i.e. an instruction that no self-respecting home expert can even take a look at. So why such a bulky pack? It's because the PS5 itself is so big.

The box is about 1.6 ft long and 1.3 ft tall, and the console itself is not much smaller. Many will try to explain the size is caused by a different shape than that of the competition, and that in fact the PS5 is not as huge as it seems. Be it as it may, but take my word for it you can't hide this baby behind the TV. The right size and very aggressive design of the device clearly tell what the goals were for the people designing it: this system will be the focal point of the living room. Wherever you try to place it, it will be visible, and every guest of yours will be tempted to say: "Oh, I see you have a new PS."

You may like it or not. For me, this white-black body with a futuristic, wavy shape is dangerously close to large, RGB-illuminated boxes, yelling "Gaming!!!" in blood-red letters. But I respect Sony for their decision, because while your new Xbox blends into the background with the furniture from IKEA, the PS5 can blaze completely new paths when it comes to consumer electronics styling or even our apartments' design in general. "The future is now?"

As for the appearance of the console I have two more observations. First: thanks to the included stand we can place the PS5 vertically or horizontally. Like Series X, the majority of people seem to prefer the vertical option. For me it doesn't matter much and I was rather just trying to put the equipment wherever it fits. The second thing: it's easy to get your fingerprints all over it. The glossy black surface between the white panels of the PS5 case collects fingerprints more effectively than many law enforcement officers, so get ready for regular cleaning.

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