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Movies & Series 14 June 2022, 17:11

author: Marek Jura

The Best Fights in Naruto Shippuden

Shonen, i.e. manga and anime focused on martial arts, transformations and striving for new limits, are not only Dragon Ball, One Piece or One Punch Man. One of the best of these is the now somewhat forgotten Naruto.

Jiraiya vs Six Paths of Pain

Jiraiya is undoubtedly a tragic figure. Naruto's godfather decides to return to teaching martial arts after a 13-year hiatus. He tells the protagonist the secrets of Kuchiyose no Jutsu and Rasengan. Thanks to them, as well as the advice of one of his mentors, Naruto is able to face the most powerful enemies. But before that happened, his teacher had made the sacrifice in the fight against Pain.

In some ways, he may resemble the dragonball Kamesennin. He's not even half as old, but apart from the martial arts mastership, they also share one more feature – they're really horny. He even writes the Icha Icha Paradise – a book intended to be a narrative course in seduction. Of course, most of his advice is embarrassing to say the least, but that's Jiraya's integral shtick.

Although for some time, he seems less of a goofy comedy-breka character, and more a mentor for Naruto, when he discovers the truth about the Akatsuki leader, he decides to act alone. He manages to reach the Six Paths of Pain (i.e. Nagato in six bodies). The enemy has no mercy for Jiraya, who is unprepared for this confrontation. Ultimately, the grey-haired master sacrifices himself for the sake of the village and Naruto.



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