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Empire: Total War Game Guide by

Empire: Total War Game Guide

Table of Contents

Game Mechanics - Units - Cavalry units - part 2 | Units Empire: TW Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

Life Guards

Description: slightly better than Heavy Cavalry. They have very high morale level and great close combat abilities. They are useful in charging enemy infantry, cavalry and artillery units.

Armies: Great Britain

Light Dragoons

Description: Carbines needed. Better than Dragoons (higher battle and defensive stats, morale level, etc.). Unfortunately they are no so numerous (only 45 soldiers in the regiment), so they are for players who are ready to pay loads of cash for training many units. In battles they are doing the same job as Dragoons - attacks from a flank, etc. They are very effective in keeping peace in cities.

Armies: Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Prussia, Russia, Republic of Poland, Sweden Thirteen Colonies, Great Britain

Mounted Tribal Auxillary

Description: you can try to train them but only if you do not have anything better at the moment. Indians are much worse that, for example, Carabineers but the price is almost the same. They main job is shoot at the enemy troop - the charge bonus is very poor.

Armies: Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain

Native Indian Cavalry

Description: cavalry with very good charge. Unfortunately they have poor defensive stats so they have to watch out on pikemen or other troops with (for example) bayonets. They are good in killing weak infantry units. Moreover, you can use them to eliminate enemy artillery and some deserters.

Armies: France, Netherlands

Pindari Horsemen

Description: Carbines needed. This unit is similar to Shaturnal Camel Gunners. They have quite long reloading time and the shooting range is the same like in most infantry units. They are very effective at shooting at the enemy from the flank. Unfortunately they are quite expensive.

Armies: Marat Confederation

Provincial Cavalry

Description: it is quite worse that the Regiment of Horse. You can use them in battles but they are much butter in keeping peace in cities. In addition they are quite cheap. You can use them to attack weak enemy infantry units that do not have proper weapon against cavalry (spikes or bayonets).

Armies: Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Republic of Poland, Sweden, Thirteen Colonies

Regiment of Horse

Description: with provincial cavalry it is the most essential horsemen unit. They are very important, especially at the beginning. Can be used against weak infantry regiments, to eliminate artillery and to kill some deserters. Beware of soldiers with spikes and bayonets.

Armies: Spain, Netherlands, Prussia, Russia, Republic of Poland, Sweden, Thirteen Colonies, Great Britain

Silladar Lancers

Description: they are great support for the musketeers. Lancers are very good in close combat and they have also great charge bonus. They are stronger than most of the enemy infantry units, but remember do not send them under the enemy fire. The best is to deploy them on the side and attack enemy troops from the back.

Armies: Marat Confederation

Shaturnal Camel Gunners

Description: the are a very special unit. Camel Gunners have a great shooting range and they have a lot of ammo with them. Unfortunately they don't have enough defensive points to fight in close combat with infantry. Time of reloading is also too long. They can be used only as a support for better troops.

Armies: Marat Confederation


Description: the best cavalry unit in Marat and Turkish army. The have very good charge, high morale level and they are great in close combat too. They can very quickly attack your enemy from the flank or from the back. Only one flaw: the price is very high.

Armies: Ottoman Empire, Marat Confederation


Description: Tatars troops may be useful at the beginning of the game. They are equipped with bows and they have very good shooting range. Try to avoid engaging them in close combat fight - they will be killed very quickly.

Armies: Ottoman Empire, Russia


Description: cavalry with good charge and bad defensive stats. As a matter of fact, they cannot fight in close combat. Try to avoid infantry with bayonets. The are good for killing units like rangers, Siberian hunters, etc. They can effectively eliminate enemy artillery.

Armies: Austria, Republic of Poland

Viborniye Streltsy

Description: weak unit; very similar to Regiment of Horse, but cheaper. It can be handy only at the beginning, when you don't have better unit (and gold) to recruit anything better.

Armies: Russia

VOC Cavalry

Description: this is the same as the Regiment of Horse (the same stats). The only difference is that the VOC Cavalry is available in India.

Armies: Netherlands

War Elephants

Description: they have great charge bonus (the best in the game). Disadvantages are on the other hand, very significant: the are in small numbers and they do not have many defensive points. As a matter of fact elephants can be killed very easily. They can be also very dangerous to you troops (while escaping from the battlefield).

Armies: Marat Confederation

Winged Hussars

Description: a very good cavalry (one of the best in the game). It is great to smash enemy infantry (even when they are equipped with bayonets). Remember that they cannot be surrounded by the enemy troops, they can be killed very easily in close combat, because the are almost defenseless.

Armies: Republic of Poland


Description: this horsemen unit is slightly worse than Regiment of Horse. You can use them in battles, but they are much better in keeping peace in cities. In addition they are very cheap and you can train them as many as you want. In fights they can be used only against infantry with no bayonets or spikes.

Armies: Great Britain

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