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Flight Simulator X Game Guide by

Flight Simulator X Game Guide

Table of Contents

Landing | e.g. flight: Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator X Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

Set the middle display mode to APP (CTR knob). Now we know our location in relation to the runway.

In our case, one of the ATC instructions told us to turn to Reading 205 and descend to 2500 ft. We were given permission to approach to ILS runway 17 and requested to contact Malmo Tower.

Approach clearance to ILS runway 17. - Landing - Exemplary flight: Boeing 737-800 - Flight Simulator X - Game Guide and Walkthrough
Approach clearance to ILS runway 17.

Now we can reduce our speed to about 200 -210 kts.

Vector 205 given by the ATC should practically lead us straight onto the runway. We must continuously observe the ILS display (middle display, that has already been set to APP mode). When the pink rectangle begins to move toward the arrow that indicates the runway heading (171), we have to turn the HDG to the left (HDG values should be reduced to 171). The aircraft begins to turn toward the runway.

If the rectangle "escapes" us to the left, we have three options: we can rotate the HDG knob further to the left (ex. To 160 degrees), to make the aircraft turn left and intercept the runway course (the rectangle will start moving back again) or disable the autopilot and fly the aircraft manually, or set the APP (Approach) mode of the autopilot. The APP mode will lead us to the runway course and begin automatic descent, according to ILS indications.

In the meantime we must keep on reducing our speed and lower the flaps. We'll land with flaps 30 and speed of about 145 kts.

If all goes well, we should promptly see the similar view to the one below. So when we see the runway, our speed should not exceed 150 kts, flaps should be fully lowered. Don't forget about the landing gear! (G key).

On final to runway 17. - Landing - Exemplary flight: Boeing 737-800 - Flight Simulator X - Game Guide and Walkthrough
On final to runway 17.

If this is your first landing, don't worry if you fail. Keep on practicing. Before this flight you can use the FSX training lessons, which will give you a wider view to the autopilot, ILS and GPS systems and navigation.

Just before the runway threshold we have to switch off the autopilot (Z key), disarm the autothrottle (A/T Arm on the autopilot). Since that moment we'll control the throttles. Our speed should not drop below 145 kts (that speed is approximate for B737-800, in fact it depends on many factors such as the aircraft weight, wind speed and direction and is calculated by the Flight Management Computer - non-existing in Flight Simulator).

Right before the touchdown we have to flare gently the aircraft (raise its nose).

After touchdown we have to close the throttles and enable the reverse thrust by pressing and holding the F2 key. When our -800 slows down to 60 kts, move the throttles to idle thrust and start braking with wheel brakes. Now we should vacate the runway as quickly as possible.

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