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The Forgotten City Guide

The Forgotten City Guide

Forgotten guide The Forgotten City guide contains full walkthrough, Beginner's Guide, Trophy Guide, best tips to heroes, weapons, combat and exploration. We describe all endings and system requirements.

Last update: 08 November 2021

Our guide to The Forgotten City includes a detailed walkthrough of all quests available in the game. We have prepared descriptions of the multiple paths that will lead you to the game's ending.

The game is largely non-linear, so everyone can go through it in their own way. We will guide you through this world, showing you what and how to do it. However, you can stick to other solutions that will lead you to the same places. The way you play the game affects the ending. We have described all of them in our guide. This way you will know what you can achieve and how to do it.

With our guide, you will easily get the platinum trophy. We have created pages with detailed descriptions of all the trophies available in the game. You will know what you have to do and learn the best opportunities to get the achievements.

We have also prepared a FAQ section where you will find answers to various questions such as how to get the golden bow, how to save Ulpius, how to complete A Thorn in The Paw, or how to get the Silphium Resin.

In addition, you will also find a beginner's guide, system requirements, controls, information about the language versions, and the game's length.

The Forgotten City: Beginner's guide

  1. Test all possibilities - The Forgotten City is a game in which you will lose a lot by simply rushing through it. Talk, try things out, get in wherever you can. Nothing will happen to you even if you do something wrong.
  2. Use hints - if you are not one of those who lose their dignity using the tips available in the game, use this feature. When you click the appropriate key (look at the keybinds page), you will see golden butterflies leading you to the next important place.
  3. Reset the loops if something goes wrong - go back to the first point. You can really do whatever you want. If something bad happens, just go to the temple and use the ability to reset the loop.
  4. Save the game before important dialogs - remember to save often, you can do it with one key (check the keybinds page). This will make the game more enjoyable.

You can find more tips on a separate page - Beginner's guide.

The Forgotten City: Walkthrough


  1. Awakening

Part 1

  1. Learning the Golden Rule
  2. Search for Iulia
  3. Get the medicine
  4. Heal Iulia
  5. Ulpius' suicide attempt

Part 2

  1. Meeting the killer
  2. Rescuing Ulpius
  3. Cure for rheumatism

Part 3

  1. Finding Sentilla
  2. Conversations with residents
  3. Roman Plaque
  4. Greek Plaque

Part 4

  1. Quinctius
  2. Vergil's case
  3. Egyptian Plaque
  4. Mystery Plaque

Part 5

  1. Elections
  2. Temple

The Forgotten City: Endings

  1. The Many Shall Suffer
  2. The One That Got Away
  3. The Ones That Got Away
  4. The Canon Ending

The Forgotten City: FAQ

  1. The Silphium Resin - how to get?
  2. Golden Rule - how does it work?
  3. Ulpius - how to save?
  4. A Thorn in The Paw - how to complete?
  5. Golden Bow - how to get?
  6. Underworld icons - how to find?
  7. Graffiti - where to find?
  8. Galerius Equitia - how to start a romance?

The Forgotten City: Trophies and platinum

Our guide has descriptions of all the trophies available in The Forgotten City. The game has 40 achievements and 41 trophies.

You can find our trophy guide on a separate page: Trophies/Achievements.

The Forgotten City: Game's length

The Forgotten City is a production in which you will focus mainly on the main plot. However, it is worth remembering that the plot is nonlinear and it is difficult to determine the length of each path. A single playthrough should take you from 5 to 8 hours.

For more information about the game's length, check out the Game's length page.

The Forgotten City: PC system requirements

  1. Operating system: Windows 7 64-bits
  2. Processor: Quad Core 3.0 GHz
  3. RAM: 8 GB
  4. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 750 Ti/Radeon R7 265
  5. Disk space: 26 GB
  6. GPU memory: 2 GB

The minimum system requirements will allow you to run the game at 1080p resolution, in low details, and 30 frames per second. For more information, check out the System requirements page.

About The Forgotten City Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

The Forgotten City Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Modern Storyteller
  • publisher: Plug in Digital / Dear Villagers / Playdius
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE, Switch, PS5, XSX

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