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Armored Core 3 Portable (PSP cover
Game Box forArmored Core 3 Portable (PSP)

Armored Core 3 Portable PSP

PSP version of the game Armored Core 3 - the next installment of the popular series, created by the Japanese company From Software.

Action | science fiction | Mechs and Robots | PlayStation exclusive titles

Armored Core 3 Portable Release Date PSP


developer: FromSoftware publisher: SEGA

English language game language: English

Armored Core 3 is a conversion of one of the first installments of Armored Core brand,released for PlayStation 2. The production belongs to the genre of tactical action games, presenting moss battles, i.e. powerful combat machines equipped with the latest technological advances. The work is the next installment of the flagship series of the Japanese developer company From Software.

In Armored Core 3, the story focuses on showing the conflict between mysterious organizations that escapes the control of the person who controls all the important aspects of the virtual world as shown in AC3. The corporations joined forces and the peace and quiet that had been maintained for years was in ruins. The Controller, as this is the name used by the aforementioned ruler of the world, cannot cope with this stalemate situation, so he turns to the player with help. Sitting at the helm of one of the combat machines called mosses, he has to deal with the chaos and restore the previous order.

However, before we start the game it is necessary to create your own machine. We do this in an extensive editor that allows you to select arms, legs, processor, head, generator, fire control system, cooling system, as well as weapons, defense systems and the mechanism responsible for the ability to accelerate. Each element, of course, discovers an important role, influencing the combat capabilities of the moss in an immediate manner.

For the needs of the game, the authors have prepared about fifty missions, in which we sow a fire for tactical fashion. Individual tasks have been divided into several main types. These include escorting an important device, deflecting hostages, protecting a key object, or taking part in a frontal attack. In each mission, however, the essence of the game is to shoot and manoeuvre between numerous obstacles, which is possible thanks to the well-developed control system, as usual. In more difficult tasks we get support from the winged ones, with whom we can give simple commands.

In addition to the standard feature mode, we have the opportunity to take part in the fights 1-on-1, fought in a special arena. This option consists of increasingly difficult duels in which we face seventy opponents.

The conversion to PSP has been enriched by the creators with several important additions. First of all, we mean the multiplayer mode by WiFi. It offers the opportunity to play battles in Battle Mode, in which four people can have fun at the same time. In addition, the authors have added several dozen new elements of mosses to the game, including a few really powerful ones (they can be unlocked by completing the main game mode).

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Last updated on 29 April 2009

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode:   Player counter: 1-4  

User score: 6,4 / 10 based on 26 votes.

PEGI rating Armored Core 3 Portable

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty. Game contains depictions of violence.
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