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BirdGut (PC cover
Game Box forBirdGut (PC)

BirdGut PC

BirdGut is a hand-drawn free platformer with elements of puzzle game created by independent creator Micah Boursier. As a flying bee we have to get out of the bird that ate us.

Arcade | play for free | platform | 2D | indie games

BirdGut Release Date PC


developer: Micah Boursier publisher: Micah Boursier

English language game language: English

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BirdGut is a hand-drawn free platformer with elements of a puzzle game from independent creator Micah Boursier. We play the role of a bee that tries to get out of the bird's guts.


We start the game in the hive as a fresh bee got out of the cocoon. Unfortunately, during our growth something went wrong and we were unable to fully develop (we lack the sting and the ability to fly). As useless for the hive, we are thrown out of it, and while wandering around the area, the bird devours us. The animal's intestines turn out to hide a surprise. In places of internal organs there are factories that keep him alive, where insects with washed brains work. Quite quickly we find a few survivors of indoctrination, who order us a mission to liberate all the insects.


BirdGut is a platform game in which jumping sequences interweave with calmer elements of a puzzle game.

The bird's intestines hide many dangers. We can be killed by various types of insects, lasers, automatic guns and mechanical saws. In the game we often die, which was predicted by the creator. After death you can return to the game very smoothly, autosave checkpoints are frequent, so BirdGut does not force us to long stoppages. Deaths also do not eliminate our progress in logical parts, so we do not have to start all over again every time.

Puzzles are mostly based on similar assumptions - move one object so that it opens a passage or so that we can climb it somewhere.

As far as arcade parts are concerned, each platform sequence has a separate idea for itself and is played differently. In one we are forced to chase the trolley while avoiding obstacles, in another we are forced to jump on garbage shelves running away from the walls approaching us.

In BirdGut there are hidden secrets in the form of 9 skulls, collection of which unlocks an additional scene.

Game modes

BirdGut is a single player game.

Technical aspects

BirdGut has a simple, 2D hand drawn graphics that interacts with the abstracted from reality story.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions BirdGut: 16+

BirdGut System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Dual Core 1.7 Ghz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • graphic card Intel HD 5450 or better
  • 3.5 GB HDD
  • Windows 7 64-bit
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