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Game Box for Colony Wars: Red Sun (PS1)

Colony Wars: Red Sun PS1

The last part of Colony Wars space simulator trilogy. The conflict between the colonial league and the Earth Empire is at its best, but this time the player does not stand directly on either side.

Simulation | FPP | TPP | science fiction | Space Simulator | space ships

Sony PlayStation 1
Colony Wars: Red Sun cover

developer: Psygnosis

publisher: Psygnosis

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS1:


Colony Wars: Red Sun is the third installment of the space simulator set in a universe, in which humanity fights for valuable resources against the rebellious colonists from the planet Bennay. The title was developed by the famous British studio Psygnosis.


Colony Wars: Red Sun deviates from the intergalactic conflict between the League of Free Worlds and the Earth Empire know from the two previous installments of the saga. This time we play the role of an inconspicuous space miner - Alexander Lyron Valdemar. When aliens of the Sha'Har race begin to communicate with him in his dreams, his life radically changes its course. A mysterious character calling himself "the General" communicates with the character in an unexplained way and orders him to give up his usual work and go in search of the title ship Red Sun. The intrigued digger becomes a mercenary pilot and embarks on a journey into the unknown.


The fun consists of completing subsequent missions, commissioned to us by various employers. This time, however, the mechanics were matched to the hero, who is a mercenary. Tasks are performed for credits, no higher cause, and each killed opponent is associated with additional payment. As a 'pilot for rent', we can also choose from several available contracts and we are not forced to carry out the missions in a specific order. While some of them are mandatory, some can simply be omitted.

Our ship is also not equipped by the army quartermaster, so we have to spend the money on its maintenance, further upgrades or weapons by ourselves. Over time, we can also replace the initial unit with one of eight other types of vessels. What is new is the selection of arsenal before each mission. This feature enables us to be well prepared for the upcoming challenges, taking with us a range of equipment that will best cope with certain types of opponents. There is a great deal of freedom in the assembly of weapons, limited only by the mounting points provided for the weapons and a limit of two identical weapons per unit. The devs also added a couple of new toys to the arsenal, including different varieties of drones, flak cannons and stunning substantial silencers.

The third game introduces to the series a completely new type of battles with huge units. In order to destroy these space behemoths, the player has to be clever and disable their subsequent systems, e.g. shield generators, fuel tanks, specific turrets and other elements of the warships.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

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