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Dragon Knight (2015) (WWW cover
Game Box forDragon Knight (2015) (WWW)

Dragon Knight (2015) WWW

Dragon Knight is a free browser MMORPG, in which our task is to save the princess kidnapped and drawn deep into the legendary monster lair.

RPG | fantasy | PvP | browser | MMO

Dragon Knight (2015) Release Date WWW


developer: Sala Game Official website

English language game language: English

Dragon Knight is a free-to-play browser MMORPG. Microtransactions allow you to exchange real cash for Diamonds (you can spend them on almost any available item) and obtain VIP status (making the adventure more fluid in every respect). However, the paid upgrades are well balanced, so you can play without worrying about spending money. The production was developed by the Turkish studio Sala Game, and its general ideas are similar to such titles as Bleach Online or Ultimate Naruto.

Plot and world

During the adventure, we travel through a fantasy land filled with fairies, dangerous monsters, mystical warriors and other magical characters. Initially, the player's task is to free the princess, who is in great danger, but as history progresses, we engage in more and more activities that affect not only our statistics but also the course of the story.

The creators filled the world with picturesque locations varied in terms of appearance and vastness, ranging from forest ruins, through unusually large castles or colorful cities, and ending with stages floating in the sky. The player can visit each of these places - they all contain many tasks to complete, enemies to be defeated, and other players who can join us.


The adventure begins after choosing one of the two character classes. Dragon Knight allows you to get acquainted with the system of gaining experience points, how to manage your equipment or combat mechanics in a short, several dozen minutes long introductory level. At the end of it, the player will gain level 30. Then, the player can begin to develop their hero by completing quests commissioned by the characters, most often focusing on defeating enemies. The game uses a turn-based combat system which allows you to use skills acquired during the adventure, cast spells or use direct attacks. Each victory is rewarded with experience points, gold, new items, and prestige points.

As the game progresses, Dragon Knight will become more and more challenging. You can recruit companions and, to some extent, level with us. Experience can be gained in many game modes, including Crypt (which consists of eliminating waves of enemies), Hero's Trial (which is a battle with a powerful boss, which can take a lot of time and require the involvement of other players), Treasure Hunt (offering the possibility of digging up valuable items) or at the Arena (PvP battles - "player versus player"). There is also an autopilot mode (also known as "AFK mode"), which allows the hero to automatically wander the world in search of further quests without having to show any initiative on the part of the player.

Promotion to the next levels and associated benefits (apart from increasing the statistics) can be used to improve the equipment and hero's mount, as well as to buy special sets of items that give additional bonuses. In addition, as in any self-respecting MMORPG production, high-level players can join powerful guilds to face more demanding challenges and marry other players, which results in various bonuses.

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Dragon Knight (2015): Good for all ages.

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