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Bleach Online (WWW cover
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Bleach Online WWW

Bleach Online is a browser-based turn-based strategy game referring to the popular anime series. The player takes control of a team of up to six people and sets off on a journey during which he has to perform further tasks and fight against opponents standing in his way.

Strategy | turn-based | browser strategy | RPG elements | 2D | manga and anime | MMO

Bleach Online Release Date WWW


developer: Go Games publisher: Go Games Official website

English language game language: English

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Bleach Online is a turn-based strategy game with numerous RPG elements. It puts the main emphasis on fighting and takes the player to a monster-filled fantasy world, which was created for the popular anime series Bleach. Go Games studio is responsible for the production of the browser version.

The central figure of the story was saved many years ago by captain-commander Yamamamoto. However, the wounds he suffered during the battle caused the main character to lie down in a coma full of millennium, and when he finally woke up, he lost all his memories and skills. In order to regain them, he goes to the world of people, where unfortunately he quickly gets into trouble. The mortals he befriended on the spot are considered rebels, and this begins a whole series of events, as a result of which he has to fight for survival. The plot refers to the serial anime, during the journey we meet many well-known characters, but the whole is a completely separate and unique theme.

At the beginning of the game we choose one of six fictional heroes representing different classes, but during the adventure we can add five other characters to the team. Our team travels around the world, most of which are based on killing a creature haunting the area or defending against attacking killers. For each successful mission we receive a prize - items or a special currency, which can also be purchased through micropayments.

The focal point of the game is the fight. In the case of Bleach Online, the creators bet on a turn-based model, but unlike other productions of this type, the player has no direct control over the heroes. Before the skirmish, we decide only about the selection of skills and the distribution of characters, and the game then automatically decides the duel, which we can only passively observe. You can fight against both AI-controlled opponents and teams of other players in PvP mode.

Graphic design is on a decent level - the game was created in 2D, although the perspective is constantly changing between isometric (sightseeing the world) and "flat". (fight). The whole is maintained in the atmosphere characteristic for manga and anime and obviously refers to the series. The soundtrack was also based on the songs heard in Bleach television.

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Game mode: massive online multiplayer  

Age restrictions Bleach Online: 12+

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