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Dungeons of the Amber Griffin (PC cover
Game Box forDungeons of the Amber Griffin (PC)

Dungeons of the Amber Griffin PC

Dungeon crawler FPP, developed by the indie Polish team Frozengem Studio and inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Pomeranians. In Dungeons of the Amber Griffin we find ourselves in the world of Mystic Kashubia, which we traverse, commanding a team of four heroes.

RPG | FPP | fantasy | dungeon-crawler | Polish | indie games | slavic mythology

Dungeons of the Amber Griffin Release Date PC


developer: Frozengem Studio publisher: Frozengem Studio Official website

English language game language: English

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Dungeons of the Amber Griffin is a dungeon crawler type of production, realized in an old-school style evoking associations with, among others, such genre luminaries as Eye of the Beholder, Ultima Underworld and Dungeon Master. The title was developed by the independent Polish team Frozengem Studio and was created under the guidance of the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Literature and Music in Wejherowo, with financial support from the Polish Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports.

The plot of

Dungeons of the Amber Griffin takes us on a journey to the world of Mystic Kashubia, inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Pomeranians. The inhabitants of this land enjoyed a peaceful life for many years, protected by a griffin who was the heavenly guardian of these lands. The idyll came to an end when the opi?er (upi?er) left his tomb, went out to the bell tower located near the cemetery and struck the great bell. Every creature in the area immediately fell dead, horrible mummies began to crawl out of the darkness, and true chaos and lawlessness reigned in Kashubia. During the game you take control of a team of heroes who, dreaming of fame and riches, roam the land in search of a lump of amber hidden by the griffin, as if by the way helping Kashubians to restore the old order in their lands.


In Dungeons of the Amber Griffin the action is viewed from a first-person perspective (FPP). We start the game by creating a team of four players. The creators give us a variety of character classes, among which we can find a warrior (ricerza), barbarian (barcha), rogue (dulas), priest (żerca) or mage (kutin). Then there is nothing left for us to do but to throw ourselves into the vortex of adventures.

During the gameplay we travel through Mystic Kashubia, have conversations with its inhabitants and complete the tasksset before us . The locations we visit are based on real places, and the names of the places we go to come from the Kashubian language. Of course, during our travels we don't end up only in settlements; there is no shortage of picturesque landscapes, ruins or gloomy undergrounds full of traps. In addition, an important role is played here by clashes with enemies. Various demons and monsters stand in our way, and the unique bestiary is based on creatures from Kashubian legends. On the battlefield, the key to success is, above all, the skillful use of the abilities of individual heroes.

As we progress, we develop the protagonists, unlocking new skills and improving the ones we already have. In addition, the protagonists' combat potential increases thanks to better and better equipment; along the way we acquire new weapons, armor, as well as various artifacts and magic scrolls. While traveling through Kashubia, it is also worth looking under your feet, as unique healing plants or poisonous mushrooms grow in these areas, which may also prove useful.

Technical issues

Dungeons of the Amber Griffin boasts graphics of decent quality. The locations are especially pleasing to the eye, although the enemies or the effects accompanying the casting of spells cannot be faulted much either. The game takes place to the accompaniment of a soundtrack composed by Przemysław Zi?łkowski and performed by the band Percival Schuttenbach, whose music could be heard earlier in The Witcher 3: Wild Gon.

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Dungeons of the Amber Griffin: 16+

Dungeons of the Amber Griffin System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Intel Core i3
  • 8 GB RAM
  • graphic card 4 GB GeForce GTX 980 or better
  • 13 GB HDD
  • Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit
  • Recommended:
  • Intel Core i7
  • 16 GB RAM
  • graphic card 6 GB GeForce GTX 1660 Ti or better
  • 13 GB HDD
  • Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit
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