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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades (PS4 cover
Game Box forFinal Fantasy XV: Comrades (PS4)

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

The third expansion pack to Final Fantasy XV. It introduces a completely new multiplayer cooperation mode. The expansion takes place before the finale of the base version of the game.

This is Final Fantasy XV expansion pack.

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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Release Date



Final Fantasy XV: Comrades for PS4 and XONE is the third expansion to Final Fantasy XV, the fifteenth installment in the most popular series of jRPG. The original game debuted in October 2016 and was developed by Square Enix, a company that also created this DLC. Contrary to two previous add-ons, Final Fantasy XV: Comrades features a completely new gameplay mode and it focuses on the multiplayer mode, previously unavailable.


Final Fantasy XV: Comrades takes place six months after the events presented in the thirteenth chapter of Final Fantasy XV. The world is engulfed in darkness and the people are forced to fight for survival in lone cities surrounded by hordes of monsters traveling through empty roads and fields. The player assumes the role of an anonymous member of Lucis’ royal guard. Together with his companions he defends people from the threat while waiting for the return of the king who is meant to restore light to the world. During the adventure, the guards are tasked with looking for pieces of a meteorite that can provide power to energy generators used by human outposts.


When starting Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, the players are creating their protagonist by using an advanced character editor. Then the protagonist is taken to a base in Lestallum where he receives missions of a few kinds. The quests focus on defeating specific monsters, defending position or escorting targets. Up to four players can participate in these tasks. It is possible for the player to create a party by inviting friends or by searching for games hosted by other owners of the expansion pack. By completing missions the players are rewarded with funds that can be used for buying new equipment and clothes.

The gameplay is similar to the one in the core game. The combat system wasn’t changed, although the expansion lacks the option to use many weapons and magic simultaneously. One spell is assigned to one type of weapon like swords, daggers or shields. The player also lacks the option to use summons.

Technical aspects

Although Final Fantasy XV: Comrades for PS4 and XONE introduces a completely new gameplay mode, the players won’t find many novelties in the expansion pack. It re-uses maps and locations from the main game. Furthermore, the majority of monsters fought are alternative versions of opponents from the basic game. The greatest number of changes can be found in character editor – it features dozens of customizable options and clothes.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet   Player counter: 1-4  

Age restrictions Final Fantasy XV: Comrades: 16+

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