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Video Game DevelopersW

A list of video game developers contains developers of games for PC, current-gen consoles, handheld consoles and mobile devices Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Bethesda Softworks, CD Projekt RED, Electronic Arts Inc., Capcom, SCS Software, BioWare Corporation, EA Sports, EA DICE / Digital Illusions CE, EA Maxis / Maxis Software, Epic Games, GIANTS Software, Piranha Bytes and Blizzard Entertainment among others. The list includes almost every developer existing since 2000 and some of the earlier developers as well. The TOP 100 Developers list contains the most important game developers in order of the current popularity of games they developed. For every developer included here you can find a list of their upcoming games, released games and games that are the most popular at the moment.


W!GamesWadjet Eye GamesWales InteractiveWalk Thru Walls StudiosWalker Boys StudioWanadooWanako GamesWanderWanderlust Interactive War Balloon GamesWar DrumWarashi Inc.Warbird GamesWarfare SimsWargamingWarhorse StudiosWarlock ArtsWarlock StudioWarm Lamp GamesWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentWarSaw GamesWarsow teamWarsztatWarthogWasted StudiosWastelands InteractiveWaterlily GamesWaterMelonWax Lyrical GamesWayForward TechnologiesWaystone GamesWaywardWB Games MontrealWCR_TeamWe Are FuzzyWe Sing ProductionsWe The Force StudioWeappy StudioWeather FactoryWebcore GamesWebfootWebzen Inc.WEBZENONNETWeGo InteractiveWeirdBeardWell Formed Pixelsweltenbauer.WeMade EntertainmentWendell HickenWendrosWest-GamesWest Racing Computer SimulationsWestern Civilization SoftwareWestka EntertainmentWestka InteractiveWestwood StudiosWevr, Inc.Whale Rock GamesWhalebox StudioWhalenought StudiosWhaleoWhat PumpkinWhat!StudioWhiskey Jack GamesWhite Birds ProductionsWhite ElkWhite Knight GamesWhite Lotus InteractiveWhite Moon DreamsWhite NoiseWhite OwlsWhite Paper GamesWhite RabbitWhite Whale GamesWhite Wolf EntertainmentWhitebearWhitebox InteractiveWhitemoonWhiteMoon DreamsWhoopee CampWicked Interactive Ltd.Wicked StudiosWicked Witch SoftwareWide GamesWideload GamesWidescreen GamesWilco PublishingWild CardWild Divine ProjectWild Games StudioWild Shadow StudiosWild Sheep StudioWild SphereWildBit StudiosWildfire GamesWildfire StudiosWildsnake SoftwareWildStudiosWilliam Chyr StudioWindstorm StudiosWindy HillWindysoftWing Commander Saga teamWING StudioWings SimulationsWinking EntertainmentWinter Crown WorksWinter WolvesWinterkewl GamesWintervalley SoftwareWiple GamesWired ProductionsWireframe DreamsWisecrack GamesWish StudiosWispfireWitch BeamWitching Hour StudiosWizarboxWizard Fu GamesWizard Games incorporatedWizard SoftWizardWorksWizetWoblywareWolcen StudioWolfgameWolfgroupWolfire GamesWolfpack StudiosWolverine StudiosWondershare GameWonderstruckWooden DragonWoogaWOP-DevTeamWord of Mouse GamesWorkJamWorld-LooMWorld ForgeWorld FusionWorld SoftwareWorlds Apart ProductionsWorldwide Biggies, Inc.Worm AnimationWormwood StudiosWorthless BumsWow Entertainment / Sega WowWraith EntertainmentWRF StudiosWright Flyer StudiosWSiPWube SoftwareWw3WWO PartnersWXP GamesWyrmbyteWZO Games