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Video Game DevelopersE

A list of video game developers contains developers of games for PC, current-gen consoles, handheld consoles and mobile devices Rockstar Games, CD Projekt RED, Ubisoft, Piranha Bytes, Bethesda Softworks, Capcom, Quantic Dream, Respawn Entertainment, EA Maxis / Maxis Software, inXile entertainment, BioWare Corporation, SCS Software, Electronic Arts Inc., FromSoftware and Obsidian Entertainment among others. The list includes almost every developer existing since 2000 and some of the earlier developers as well. The TOP 100 Developers list contains the most important game developers in order of the current popularity of games they developed. For every developer included here you can find a list of their upcoming games, released games and games that are the most popular at the moment.


E-Line Media E-One StudioE-Pie Entertainmente.p.i.c. InteractiveEA Capital GamesEA DICE / Digital Illusions CEEA Maxis / Maxis SoftwareEA RomaniaEA Salt LakeEA SpearheadEA Sport BigEA SportsEagle DynamicsEagle InteractiveEagre GamesEarthWork GamesEarthworm GamesEast Coast GamesEastasiasoftEastFog StudiosEastshade StudiosEasy Day StudiosEasy Game StationEasy Trigger GamesEasyTechEat Create SleepEat Sleep PlayEbb SoftwareECC GamesEchelon SoftwareEcho Chamber GamesEcho PeakEchodog GamesEchtra GamesEcko EntertainmentEclipse GamesEclipse SoftwareEclypseEcole SoftwareEd KeyEd Venture StudiosEdel InteractiveEdelweissEden GamesEden IndustriesEdge Case GamesEDGE GamesEdge of RealityEdgebee StudiosEdgeworksEdgiesEdmund McMillenEEEZEE ProductsEerie Canal EntertainmentEfecto StudioseFusion MMOG GmbHeGameseGenesisEgg Ball GamesEggcodeEggNutEggtooth TeamEgmont Polska Sp. z o.o.EgosoftEGProjectEHM ProgrammingEiconic GamesEidos Hungary/Mithis EntertainmentEidos MontrealEidos Studios/Atod ABEigelbEightingEighty Dimensional SoftwareEightyEight GamesEipix EntertainmentEisnerEK SoftekkorrEKO SoftwareEkuator GamesElastic GamesElden PixelsElder GamesEldritch GamesElectric Crow GamesElectric EggplantElectric GamesElectric SquareElectro Phantom GamesElectro SourceelectrolyteElectronic Arts Inc.Electronic ParadiseElefantopia LLCElement115 EntertainmentElemental-LabsElemental GamesEleon Game StudiosEleven SoftwareEleventh Hour GamesElexElite GamesElite SystemsElixir StudiosEllada GamesEllipse StudiosElong GamesElva Femtiofem MediaElysian Productions, IncEmberheart GamesEmbu GamesEmerald City GamesEmilyMGamesEmmeEmobi GamesEmotion DesignEmotional PicturesEmotional RobotseMotorsportsEmpire InteractiveEmpty Clip StudiosEncore GamesEncore Software Inc.EncurioEND GamesEndemolEndgameEndice SoftwareEndless Loop StudiosEndlessFluff GamesEndnight GamesEndurionEneme EntertainmentEnemy TechnologyEngient, Inc Engine SoftwareEnhance GamesEnigamiEnigma SoftwareEnitvareenjoy games GmbH Enjoy SoftwareEnjoy Up GamesEnlight SoftwareEnlightened Games / Flower TwigEnodo GamesEnormous ElkEnplex GamesEnsemble StudiosEnsenaSoftEnter SkiesEntersphere Co., Ltd.Entertainment GroupEntheogen StudiosEntrada InteractiveEON DigitalEpic GamesEpic InteractiveEpicBeyond StudiosEpicenter Studiosepics Inc. Epiphany GamesEPOS Game StudiosEpsitecEpyxEQ-GamesERE InformatiqueEric ProvanErik AsmussenErik SvedangError 404ERS Game StudiosErtainErudite SoftwareEscalation StudiosEscape Hatch EntertainmentEscape Velocity StudioseSim GamesEskilESP SoftwareEspaco InformaticaEsprisEssential GamesEstranges LibellulesESTsoft Corp.EthermoonEtiumsoftEtranges LibellulesETS Entwicklerteam SlabyEugen SystemsEurocom Entertainment SoftwareEuropress Games UKEutechnyxEvent HorizonEvent Horizon SoftwareEverguildEvermotion GamesEverplay InteractiveEversimEvery Single SoldierEverything Unlimited Ltd. Evil Indie GamesEvil StudioEvil Twin GamesEvilized ProductionsEvis GamesEvolution StudiosEvolution VaultEvoluxioneWSOYEx NihiloExaktExamuExato Game StudioExcalibur GamesexDream entertainmentExe-CreateEXEExe GamesExe SoftExienteXiinExileworks Inc.Exit Strategy EntertainmentExkeeExor StudiosExordium GamesExortusExosyphen Studios ExotyposExozet GamesExpansive WorldsExperienceExperiment 101Experimental GamerExploding KittensExploding Tuba StudiosExplosmEntertainmentExtend InteractiveExtended Play ProductionsExtra Mile StudiosExtreme DevelopersExtreme FXExViReEyasoftEyebrow InteractiveEyedentity GamesEyemobi Ltd.Eyes Wide Games