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Gunvalkyrie (XBOX cover
Game Box forGunvalkyrie (XBOX)

Gunvalkyrie XBOX

A dynamic action game in which the main character is observed from the perspective of a third person. We play the role of one of the members of the title unit of soldiers, setting off to fight monsters.

Adventure | TPP | action adventure | Xbox exclusive titles

Gunvalkyrie Release Date XBOX


developer: SEGA publisher: SEGA

English language game language: English

Gunvalkyrie is an extremely dynamic shooter, in which the main character is observed from the perspective of a third person. It is a product played in the climates of science fiction. It can be concluded that Gunvalkyrie in many ways resembles such productions as Starship Troopers or Gun Metal. Development studio Smilebit is responsible for the development of this game, which for Xbox has also prepared such titles as Jet Set Radio Future or Panzer Dragoon Orta. This production was created exclusively for the owners of Microsoft consoles.

Gunvalkyrie takes place in an alternative version of reality. Humanity has managed to develop the possibility of consuming an unlimited amount of energy. The well-known Halley comet was used for this purpose. The real fun begins shortly after one of the main coordinators of this project, a man named Grant, disappeared. The player becomes the head of the title team trying to find a scientist. As you can easily guess, the storyline does not play an important role in the course of the game. The player mainly deals with the elimination of monsters they encounter. Subsequent events are usually shown through not too long intermittent scenes.

The player can choose between two different characters. Kelly is an extremely agile warrior. This character, however, is poorly armored, so the player must take into account the fact that his heroine can quickly run out of the health bar. The second playable character is Saburota. It has stronger weapons, is better armored, but it is much slower. The producers' singleleplayer campaign consists of ten basic levels and five boss battles. The tasks before us are quite obvious. For example, we need to eliminate the alien nest or save a few allies.

The control is quite unusual. Both analog knobs are used. The left knob is used to move the whole body and the right knob to rotate the upper part of the body. In addition, the main characters use futuristic gadgets, such as very useful jet backpacks. Visually the game is very good. The environment is diverse and the characters are nicely animated. Unfortunately, the game does not have any multiplayer modes. Instead, there are several other challenges for a single player, such as the quest completion mode as soon as possible.

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Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Gunvalkyrie: 12+

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