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Islandoom (WWW cover
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Islandoom WWW

An online browser MMO game by Polish studio Bloomga S.A. The game allows you to develop your own insular kingdom in a world, where things happen even when you're logged out.

Strategy | play for free | browser strategy | network | browser | ships | MMO

Islandoom Release Date WWW


developer: Bloomga S.A. publisher: Bloomga S.A. Official website

English language game language: English

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Islandoom is a browser-based MMO strategy game that uses a free-to-play model with optional microtransactions. The players take control of island empires and compete in terms of economic and military development, often attacking each other to obtain valuable resources. Bloomga is responsible for developing the title.


The game is set in a world where climate change and conflict with the use of weapons of mass destruction have led to the annihilation of most of the continents. The only remaining stretches of land are small islands, the control over which is given to ambitious captains.

These marine commanders exercise total power over their small empires, controlling the development of infrastructure and selecting targets for looting expeditions. The nature of their fleet and their economic background depends on the faction they represent. In the world of Islandoom there are four factions: economy-oriented Divitos, aggressive Furium, defensive Armun and Medius, who prefer sustainable development.


The essence of gameplay in Islandoom is the constant development of our island empire. This task is achieved primarily through the development of land-based economy and shipbuilding infrastructure and the production of combat vessels that can attack other players' islands.

An important feature of the game is the fact that it takes place even when the player logs out. While the user is at school or at work, shopping or at the cinema, the fleets travel to their destinations, the installations are expanded, the shipyards produce ships and the mines extract resources. This can make our island a target of a raid at any time, launched by other greedy player.

Raw materials are the key to the development of our empire. Thanks to them we can expand the infrastructure of the island, as well as produce and supply ships. The main raw materials are quartz, steel, polymers, and uranium. The main source of their acquisition are the mining buildings on our island, but we can also steal them from other players through attacks or gain peacefully through trade. In addition, the appartment blocks built on our island provide the workers necessary for the functioning of all aspects of the empire.

Shipbuilding enables us to launch ships and submarines for various purposes: offensive, defensive as well as special, e.g. spy ships. Each model is characterized by specific combat efficiency, speed, payload, fuel consumption, etc. The availability of certain units depends on which faction the player has chosen at the beginning of the game. In addition to ships, we can also produce defensive structures on the island to protect the safety of our valuable resources.

As our empire grows, it levels up, which gives us the opportunity to choose from a variety of bonuses, e.g. in terms of economic efficiency. Also our character levels up, moving around the game world on a special ship. This flagship can be upgraded with components increasing its statistics.

Experienced commanders of powerful empires may try to fulfill the main goal set by the devs. It is about breaking through archipelagos of islands controlled by AI and conquering a fortress located in the very center of the game world.

The social character of the game manifests itself in the possibility to form alliances, which enables close cooperation between allied players. Members of an alliance can, among other things, develop a special common island.

Game modes

Islandoom is a multiplayer MMO game. After creating an account we can choose a world where we will have the opportunity to meet many other players, fight them, talk and form alliances.

Technical aspects

The game is presented in the form of a sliding 2D scene, which contains (in some cases animated) images of the buildings we own. The map of the world is also two-dimensional and shows the locations (islands or open sea zones) as fields of a large chessboard-like grid, where each field has its x and y coordinates.

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

User score: 3,4 / 10 based on 827 votes.

Age restrictions Islandoom: Good for all ages.

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