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Game Box for MediEvil 2 (PS1)

MediEvil 2 PS1

Continuation of the action adventure game released in 1998. Again, we play Sir Daniel Fortesque, a dead knight who was brought back to life to defeat the evil sorcerer.

Action | TPP | fantasy | hack'and'slash | humorous | action adventure | PlayStation exclusive titles

Sony PlayStation 1
MediEvil 2 cover

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS1:


MediEvil 2 is a continuation of MediEvil released in 1998 by SCE Cambridge Studio. The game was released in 2000 on PlayStation 1.


MediEvil 2 takes place 500 years after the events shown in the first game. It's 1886, Lord Palethorn from Kensington finds Zarok's book of spells and uses one of the spells to summon the dead who begins to reign all over London. Professor Hamilton Kift brings back to life Sir Daniel Fortesque, who has to retrieve the pages from the book of spells scattered around different corners of the city and stop the evil magician.


MediEvil 2, available on PS1, is an action adventure game with logical and platform elements. The general rules of the game did not change in comparison to the first part. Players go through levels and look for lost pages from the spellbook. Along the way, they have to face many trials. One of the main ones is to fight the undead. We use our own hand, for example, because Sir Daniel Fortesque is a deceased, so it makes no difference to him. You deal more damage with real weapons, such as a large wooden club, various swords or even pistols (new to the series). Souls from defeated enemies fly away, collected into a special chalice. After filling it up, we may receive a new tool of murder or other valuable items. Apart from combat, we can also solve puzzles. However, they are not too fancy and often boil down to, for example, moving an obstacle.

The developers have also prepared a bit more complex locations and smarter opponents. In addition, Sir Daniel Fortesque received several new moves, including the ability to climb. Overall, however, the game is very similar to the first part.

Game score 8.1 / 10 calculated out of 47 players' votes.  

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age requirements: everyone

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