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Nightwalk: Dream of Past (PC cover
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Nightwalk: Dream of Past PC

Nightwalk is a cRPG, realized in the perspective of the first person, in terms of climate evoking associations with both Fallout and System Shock.

RPG | FPP | classic RPG

Nightwalk: Dream of Past Release Date PC


developer: Rysiio Group

English language game language: English

Nightwalk takes place in the XXIII century, just after the Great War, caused by the energy crisis and huge overpopulation (about 13 billion). In order to deal with the deepening anarchy and waves of social discontent, many countries have gone into increasingly despotic and ruthless forms of government, which in turn have caused waves of riots and terrorism. The collapsing market and famine in the Arab countries led to such an increase in oil and uranium prices that the powers (USA, European Federation, Russian Federation, China) had to protect the sources of these raw materials by force. In 2238 there were serious clashes between FE and US forces in the Middle East. The clashes intensified this winter, covering the whole of Asia Minor. In the first days of 2239, the Russian Federation joined the fight, and after a few weeks also China, which was plagued by famine. Other countries completely cut off from the supply of energy resources and too poor to cope with this problem fell into backwardness. For the next year, fights were fought using conventional methods. Until 21 February 2240, when the desperate command of the Russian forces decided to use chemical weapons in the Persian Gulf. A modern, but badly tested and misused combatant caused huge losses. Thousands of European and American soldiers and three million civilians died. The other superpowers responded with fire, which quickly slipped out of control. In a week, the uncontrolled exchange of nuclear, electron, chemical and biological missiles has led to annihilation on all sides of the conflict. In particular, the use of various types of viruses, with an unfamiliar effect, caused huge losses. In the course of the month, ninety percent of people died. The survivors were mainly those who managed to hide in special shelters or in combat areas not covered directly (Siberia, South America).

The hero of the game is a child born after the war, in a shelter (or in the wilderness). The world has changed. People who left the shelters a few years earlier are looking for protection and order in a world completely alien to them, full of ruins and mutated by animal viruses. Some people, who had access to higher technologies, created enclaves surrounded by walls and well protected. The rest of the survivors, those who remained without the help of devices from the old days, living in settlements near the ruins of the old cities, were forced to work for their "benefactors" from the enclaves. This is a typically feudal relationship. Enclaves provide protection, medical supplies and tools for those who pay tribute to them and work for them in the production of food. Sediments without care enclaves die due to lack of medicines, weapons and parts for the simplest devices. Technique became so important and its relics from pre-war times so necessary that it grew to the rank of a religion, a cult spreading among the inhabitants of enclaves. The power of these people originates from the technical advancement. However, they do not really create anything, they dig out only relics of the past from the ruins of old cities....

Nightwalk is a cRPG, realized in the perspective of the first person, in terms of climate evoking associations with both Fallout and System Shock. A key feature of Rysiio Group's product is that the struggle has been pushed to the background - the exploration of an extremely rich and large world is what counts.

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Last updated on 10 December 2007

Game mode: single player  

Age restrictions Nightwalk: Dream of Past: 12+

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