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Nyan Cat: Lost In Space (AND cover
Game Box forNyan Cat: Lost In Space (AND)

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Official game with the famous Nyan Catem in the lead role. Nyan Cat: Lost In Space is a production belonging to the genre of dexterity endless runners, in which we manage a cat known for its Internet memes.

Arcade | indie games | auto-runner

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space Release Date







developer: isTom Games publisher: isTom Games Official website

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Nyan Cat: Lost In Space is a 2D endless runner. We play as the titular cat known from the popular Internet meme. The game was developed and published by isTom Games.


We play as a cat running in space. Keep the cat on the platforms and jump from one to another - if you fall, the game is over. Food and milk are placed in different places. The former gives you points, while milk bottles grant you point multipliers. Our goal is to achieve as many points as possible.

In addition to these two items, we can find many improvements such as flying, automatically attracting nearby bottles of milk or food, making the cat bigger or getting a double jump. However, some of the items have a negative impact on our character - for example, they repel all useful items. In addition, there are enemies on many platforms, such as alien ships, dogs and Nyan Cat's biggest enemy, Tac Nyan. Touching them means resets the multiplier to zero.

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space for PC, AND and iOS has many things to unlock, including custom level backgrounds and new cat skins. They refer to pop culture, music, cinema or video games, and all this is accompanied by a bit of deadpan referring to the titular meme (e.g. Star Wars is Nyan Wars, and Super Mario is Super Nyanio). The game also supports Steam achievements and rankings allowing you to track the best results of your friends and players around the world.

Game modes

  • Classic - the basic game mode, based on the rules described above. In addition, there are dynamite sticks on the platforms - if you touch them, the game is over;
  • Universe - the levels are divided into small universes, and the condition to move on to the next one is to collect the appropriate number of points in a specific time limit;
  • Nyan Wings - a mode in which we slide down the hills and mountains, and in the meantime we collect milk and food. We have to move fast enough to escape from the evil cat chasing us;
  • Zen - modification of the classic mode, where more platforms were added while dynamites and some opponents were removed;
  • Tac Nyan - allows you to play as the alter ego of Nyan Cat. In practice, it means the same mode as the classic one but the difference here is that we move to the left.

In addition to the five basic modes, Nyan Cat: Lost In Space gives players the opportunity to take care of their cat in a similar way as in the popular Pou. We can take care of our pet's satisfaction, buy toys or decorate its room.

Technical aspects

The game features simple, extremely colorful 2D visuals. The gameplay in Nyan Cat: Lost In Space is accompanied by the song known from the Internet meme starring the titular cat.

Last updated on 19 July 2016

Game mode: single player  

App size:

Age restrictions Nyan Cat: Lost In Space: Good for all ages.

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Pentium III 1 GHz
  • graphic card compatible with OpenGL 2.0
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 MB HDD
  • Windows Vista or better
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