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Game Box for Parasite Eve (PS1)

Parasite Eve PS1

The first production by Squaresoft studio, which was addressed to adult audiences. Parasite Eve combines elements of horror with mechanics known from action games and RPGs in an innovative way.

Action | survival horror | horror | RPG elements

Sony PlayStation 1
Parasite Eve cover

developer: Square Soft

publisher: Square Soft

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS1:


The first adult action title from Squaresoft. Parasite Eve is a combination of action game and RPG, maintained in horror atmosphere.


1997, New York. Young policeman Aya Brea witnesses a mysterious self-immolation of all people present in the building during her visit to the opera house. Only she and soloist Melissa Pearce escape with their lives. Immediately afterwards, the artist mutates into a beast and escapes to the sewers. The officer starts an investigation, assisted by her partner Daniel. She must stop the mysterious Eve from further attacks on the defenceless inhabitants of the metropolis. With time she discovers surprising information about herself....


Parasite Eve uses elements associated mostly with jRPG titles. During the investigation, the protagonist visits various regions of New York, where she engages in random battles against her opponents. The fights use the Active Time Bar system known from other Squaresoft games. Players are free to move Aya around the battle area, but time stops when they choose one of the actions. Each command will reset the bar, which must be filled again before the next action can be performed. Brea can use several types of firearms, but also various items and special skills using PE (Parasite Energy) points. Individual guns and rifles can be modified and improved by adding various effects.

The special "EX game" mode is unlocked when the game is completed. This is a more difficult variation of the standard mode, in which the opponents are much stronger. Players can, however, from the beginning use the equipment that they took to the final match in the basic mode, as well as use upgraded versions of weapons and armour. A unique element of the "EX game" is the Chrysler building - 77th floor structure, in which a number of new challenges await.

Technical aspects

Parasite Eve is the first Squaresoft gane aimed at adult customers. The title is often compared to the Resident Evil series, although it offers much more complex mechanics than the Resident Evil series. The developers of the game include creators responsible for such hits as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger or Front Mission, including Hironobu Sakaguchi and Tetsuya Nomura. The game is distinguished by an excellent soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura.

Game score 9.25 / 10 calculated out of 42 players' votes.  

Age Rating

age requirements: 18+

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