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Game Box for Rabi-Ribi (Switch)


A two-dimensional platform game heavily inspired by the metroidvania genre. In Rabi-Ribi the player assumes the role of Erina – a bunny turned into a woman due to a curse. The female protagonist is accompanied by Ribbon, a winged pink-haired fairy.

Arcade | fantasy | platform | 2D | metroidvania | indie games

Rabi-Ribi cover

developer: CreSpirit

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Game mode: single player

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Rabi-Ribi on the PC, PSV and PS4 platform is a two-dimensional arcade platform game, combining metroidvania and hell shooter bullet production elements. The title was created in the independent Taiwanese development team CreSpirit. Apart from the discussed production, the creators also have a cartoon beat 'em up D-squad, which appeared on mobile platforms in 2016.


During the game we follow the fate of the pair of main characters. Erina was an ordinary rabbit that was turned into a human being by a magical spell. Surprised at the turn of affairs, the protagonist embarked on a journey to find a way to restore her original form. It is joined by a pinkhaired winged fairy named Ribbon. In the course of their adventures, the two heroines meet many other characters on the road, with whom the interactions are presented in feature interviews, realized in the form known from visual novel games.


At first glance Rabi-Ribi is a simple two-dimensional platform, but the production includes many elements from other genres and productions, such as the Castlevania series. Locations are open and complex, they also hide numerous secrets. The heroines are described by a set of statistics that determine their attack power and defense, and over time they develop their skills and acquire new equipment elements, which also affects their abilities.

Erina, controlled by players, specializes in melee combat, while Ribbon, floating behind her back, fires magic bullets at enemies. Boss battles test our dexterity by using the mechanics known from the hell shooter bullet games, which results in a storm of missiles, lasers and other threats that are difficult to bypass. Rabi-Ribi offers a total of nine main locations, more than sixty items and forty different bosses.

Game modes

In addition to the standard single player feature campaign, the production also allows you to have fun in Boss Rush and Speedrun modes. In the first one we fight one by one with different bosses, in the second our task is to finish the title in the shortest possible time.

Technical issues

Rabi-Ribi offers colorful two-dimensional graphics inspired by Japanese manga and anime. The game is accompanied by an original music track consisting of several dozen tracks.

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Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

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