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Rappelz (PC cover
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Rappelz PC

Rappelz is a massive, free-to-play MMORPG game published by one of the leading publishers of the free MMOG segment, Gala-Net (Flyff, Space Cowboy, Corum Online).

RPG | TPP | fantasy | play for free | MMO

Rappelz Release Date PC


developer: nFlavor publisher: Gala Networks Official website

English language game language: English

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Rappelz is a massive, free-to-play MMORPG game published by one of the leading publishers of the free MMOG segment, Gala-Net (Flyff, Space Cowboy, Corum Online). In technical terms, it is the most similar to Lineage II, a popular position in Poland, especially in terms of the number of illegal private servers and a significant number of their users.

The game world is inhabited by three intelligent, humanoid races: the righteous and merciful Deva, the dark and treacherous Asura and the neutral, strongly connected with the nature of Gaia. The latter were originally an indigenous population of the planet, but over time the gods of Creation and Destruction populated the globe with the other two races, providing balance, long-lasting peace and mutual coexistence of good and evil. However, the idyll did not last long - the Gaia people gave birth to a powerful individual called The Witcher (The Witch), whose power and ambition grew proportionally at an almost exponential pace. The wizard managed to convince a large part of his nation to unite under his leadership, wishing to subjugate all living beings. As we can easily guess, the other races decided not to surrender without a fight and actively resisted the ominous magician's aspirations. Only thanks to the cooperation of the individuals of all three nations was it finally possible to catch the Witcher and burn him alive to ashes, which theoretically guaranteed the world relative peace. This is still the case today, although the supposed return of the mighty Gaia, with his army defeated years ago, is beginning to be heard in distant corners of the world....

Each race offers players three specialized classes - warrior, mage and summoner. The representative of each nation starts with a starting profession, but quickly (after reaching the tenth level of experience) he must declare his likes and skillfully manage his "rappelz" career. Peaceful Deva individuals begin with a guide role (Guide, equipped with a simple healing spell and combat skill), over time transforming into a Holy Warrior (Holy Warrior, a hard tank, with a huge defense, a strong shield, In addition, the player can use a range of abilities and skills to control aggro), Cleric (Cleric, the strongest supporter and healer in the game) or Breeder (Breeder, consisting mainly in quickly summoning creatures and keeping them alive by means of defensive buffs). Asura are rather a race of loners, their basic Stepper has proficiency in the art of dodging and surprise attacks, then evolves into a Traveller (Strider, a typical offensive villain-killer, attacks quickly and mortally dangerously, especially using crossbows or daggers' tandem), Dark Magician (Dark Magician, specializing in mass murdering and weakening enemies with black magic) or in Summoner (Summoner, commonly regarded as the strongest class in the game in terms of solo play - he can significantly improve the offensive abilities of his charges and thanks to them he can clear the entire underground without outside help). Finally, the Gaia novices begin with a modest rogue (Rogue) who, after proper training, may take the shape of a Warrior (Fighter, a slightly weaker tank than Holy Warrior of the Deva race, but with greater offensive abilities), Kahuna (a kind of an intermediate profession between a magician and a warrior, actively engaged in direct combat, but based on numerous spells and supporting skills - in this respect, he can even fight with the Cleric Deva) and the familiar sounding Spell-Singer (a versatile Summoner, able to strongly support his pet, but also having a wide range of universal team skills).

In terms of general refinement, Rappelz is at the forefront of free MMORPGs (in total almost 1.7 GB of downloadable data). It offers high quality graphic design and atmospheric soundtrack (which the publisher has published for free on the Internet - we can download it for free from the Korean program website). This results in high equipment requirements and some delays in the most populated areas and cities. In addition, players have access to the most important attractions of the genre: a system of animals (segregated, from basic and most popular through mounts to super-smokers), object combinations (enchants, etc.) and a built-in shop, where we can buy items that significantly strengthen the potential of the character played by us for real money.

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Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Media type: 1 DVD

User score: 7,9 / 10 based on 509 votes.

Age restrictions Rappelz: 12+

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