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Recoil Retrograd

Urban Mysteries is a non-linear action game with adventure elements, in which we observe the game from the perspective of a third person. ZeitGuyz Game Development studio is responsible for the title.

Action | TPP

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X360 PS3

Urban Mysteries is a non-linear action game with adventure elements, in which we observe the action from the third-person perspective. The game was developed by ZeitGuyz Game Development.

The action of the game takes us to 2052, in a big futuristic metropolis. We play as Davi Atman, an employee of Gloria Mundi, who encounters a big conspiracy involving his employers. In order to stop their plan, he becomes a renegade and begins to travel in time. This is the only way in which our hero can change the course of history. During the game, we have to face the forces of Gloria Mundi corporation, who in each part of the timeline have their agents.

Urban Mysteries offers many challenges. In the virtual past, among other things, we will pilot zeppelins. Then, we will reach the thirteenth, fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. It is worth noting that no item can be moved in time with us. That's why we have to use weapons such as muskets, swords and bows. Furthermore, we also have to make moral choices. One such case is when we have to save people from the flames: a doctor or a scientist - only one of them can be saved from death. If we choose a doctor, after returning to 2052, the city will be more well-kept and more populated. On the other hand, having saved the scientist, we will find ourselves in more technologically advanced times. Depending on these choices, the game world is changing before our eyes.

Urban Mysteries is based on Unreal Engine 3.0 technology, thanks to which the graphics meet the requirements of next-genes. There is also a faithful representation of architecture, such as a gothic cathedral with stained-glass windows or dirty city alleys. Locations give the game a dark and disturbing atmosphere. The interface is very simple. In the lower left corner of the screen there is a helpful minimap, while in the right corner we can check our health points.

Media type: 1 BD

Expectations: 7.7 / 10 based on 41 votes.

Age restrictions Recoil Retrograd: Good for all ages.

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