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Game Box for Summoner 2 (PS2)

Summoner 2 PS2

Continuation of the respected role-playing game. We move to a land full of magic, gradually advance to higher levels of experience and complete the team of warriors.

RPG | action RPG | PlayStation exclusive titles

Sony PlayStation 2
Summoner 2 cover

developer: Volition Inc.

publisher: THQ Inc.

Game mode: single player

English language game language: English

game release date for PS2:


Summoner 2 is an official continuation of one of the most interesting arcade role-playing games. This is not a representative of the genre of Japanese RPGs, but a title that puts much greater emphasis on action and real-time duels. Summoner 2 is therefore closer to the console version of Baldur's Gate. It is also worth noting that this sequel does not introduce any revolutionary changes to the gameplay. The game fixes some bugs in the first part. The game's production is again the responsibility of a studio called Volition, which became famous mainly thanks to a series of innovative Red Faction shooters. The second Summoner, unlike the first part, which was also released on personal computers, was released only on PlayStation 2.

During the game we play the role of Maia - Queen Halassar. Prophecies say that she is the rebirth of the goddess Laharah. She is also to be the only person who can cure the Eleh tree and bring peace to the whole land. The action of the game, just like in the first part, takes place in a fictional fantasy world, in which the presence of magic is nothing special. The singleleplayer campaign prepared by producers allows for dozens of hours of fun. At the very beginning of the game we have an opportunity to take part in a not very extensive tutorial, thanks to which you can get acquainted with the basic assumptions of the game. The game world is quite large. The prepared land can be explored freely, performing both the main missions and side tasks, which, however, are not too many. However, these challenges are usually quite varied.

Elements typical for RPG games play an important role here. Winning subsequent duels and performing tasks allows you to gain experience points, which of course involves jumping up to higher levels. The character controlled by us is constantly developing, gaining new skills and inflicting more and more serious blows. According to the title of the game, Maia can summon powerful demons, into which she can transform for a few moments. As the game develops, more interesting transformation options appear. The time of remaining in a demonic form is also extended. Maia doesn't have to travel the world alone. As in the first part, NPCs can join the team. Interestingly, these warriors can be controlled personally by pressing the designated key. Visually, the game is quite good. The environment is very diverse. Attention should also be paid to the nicely made effects of using spells. Summoner 2 does not contain any multiplayer modes.

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Game score 7.6 / 10 calculated out of 31 players' votes.  

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

System requirements

Sony PlayStation 2

Sony PlayStation 2

Uses: memory card

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