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Tauri World (WWW cover
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Tauri World WWW

Network sci-fi strategy, in which the player plays the manager of one of the many thousands of small islets into which the planets captured by the mysterious Crystal disintegrate.

Strategy | free-to-play | MMO

Tauri World Release Date WWW


developer: Level Up Games publisher: Source Inc. Official website

English language game language: English

Tauri World is another representative of the popular genre of free, real-time online science fiction strategies operating in a web browser environment. In the game we play the manager of one of the many thousands of small islets, into which the planets captured by the mysterious Crystal disintegrate. The aim of the game is the development of a small country, colonization of other islands and dynamic technological development, thanks to which it will be possible to set out to conquer the remaining planets.

At the beginning of the game the main goal is to choose a planet from three available and take over a small, underdeveloped island, whose progress in the first phase of the game is the most important task. The game starts with equipping the island with buildings used to obtain the four main raw materials - wood (sawmill), metal (steelworks), crystal (mine) and energy (windmills). An appropriate level of the latter is required not only for the construction or development of buildings, but also for the proper functioning of the state. Production values are supervised and determined in the central city, the expansion of which additionally influences the speed of erection of other buildings (e.g. warehouse, trade guilds, intelligence and counter-espionage centre, laboratory, senate, barracks bunkers and security fields).

The strategic infrastructure, consisting of the shipyard (construction of flying units and defence systems), a balloon factory (energy and spying), admiralty (supervision of all military matters) and a platform (construction of a teleport, Interplanetary Centre), is extremely important from the point of view of conquests. As part of Tauri World we additionally benefit from the help of one of the six heroes and various bonuses, thanks to which we can, for example, increase the chances of winning battles or accelerate the production of raw materials.

Striving for maximum technological development and colonization (local on one planet or global on the other two celestial bodies), sooner or later we enter a state of war. Military clashes are conducted between non-aligned participants, affiliated players as well as directly between whole alliances.

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Last updated on 06 July 2010

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

User score: 6.1 / 10 based on 27 votes.

Age restrictions Tauri World: Good for all ages.

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