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Therian Saga (WWW cover
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Therian Saga WWW

An extensive browser MMORPG, the action of which takes us to the deserted 700 years ago continent of Myriaden, putting the player in the role of a colonist looking for wealth and fame.

RPG | play for free | MMORPG | elements of strategy | browser | crafting

Therian Saga Release Date WWW


developer: Virtys publisher: Gameforge AG Official website

English language game language: English

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Update: Due to the termination of cooperation with the original publisher - GameForge company - on January 15, 2016, the existing servers of Therian Saga were shut down. Existing players were able to transfer their game progress to new servers administered by Virtys.

Therian Saga is an unusual and extremely complex MMORPG, available for web browsers. The game combines inspirations from classic pen & paper role-playing games and computer classics of the genre, e.g. Ultima Online with solutions typical for contemporary MMO games. However, it also adds a number of fresh, original ideas. The game was created by Virtys, a Canadian studio founded in 2009 by six RPG enthusiasts.


The action of Therian Saga takes us to a mysterious medieval fantasy continent called Myriaden. For unknown reasons, this place was completely abandoned about 700 years ago and only recently resettled again. We play as one of the pioneers who come to Myriaden in search of wealth and fame. What our character takes care of and in what direction they develop their talents depends only on our creativity.


Therian Saga distinguishes itself from the crowd of typical browser MMORPGs by putting the main emphasis on exploration and crafting system. We won't find "character leveling" typical for the genre - the development of our hero depends to a large extent on the skills acquired by them. We start the game by creating of our character, through the choice of class and determining their roots (an individual biography, which will determine the initial stage of the game). After the introduction and the tutorial, which takes place on a small island called Hope, we get full freedom to choose our next destination and explore the world around us.

In the game, practically from the very beginning we decide about all key parameters of our character, such as attack strength, armor endurance or acquired skills. Thanks to the vast number of professions available, most of which are unique to this type of games, the hero controlled by us can become an absolutely unique character: a spy, a carpenter, a metallurgist, an archaeologist, a jeweler, a conqueror or an animal breeder. Most importantly, all professions in the game are interconnected, and thanks to an extensive crafting system, players themselves produce items needed by other professions. Thanks to this, the economy of the game is driven by the players themselves, creating the impression of a real world in which each profession has its own specific role.

During the game, we are mainly exploring a vast continent divided into a number of different areas and acquiring the resources found there. What is interesting, however, our character is not immediately ready for every expedition. In order to increase our chances of survival, we must first properly prepare our character and teach them how to survive in the wilderness. During our travels we also meet different kinds of creatures (wild animals, fairy-tale creatures, revenants and ghosts). We can use the help of two types of companions - those recruited in the cities, and domesticated animals. The combat system is simplified and is only an addition to the actual gameplay.

Game modes

In Therian Saga, we can become a hermit, living alone far from a civilization, but just like in most MMO productions, integration with the community opens completely new opportunities for us. We can set up camps and build whole cities, we can also join guilds and together with our companions conquer new areas, and then build factories, taverns or other buildings, from which we will draw regular profits.

Technical aspects

Technically, Therian Saga does not differ significantly from most browser-based MMORPG titles. The slightly cartoon-like graphics are good looking and pleasing to the eye - on the other hand, the graphics are subject to the typical limitations of popular browser games.

Game mode: massive online multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

User score: 9,2 / 10 based on 408 votes.

Age restrictions Therian Saga: Good for all ages.

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