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Train Driver 2 (PC cover
Game Box forTrain Driver 2 (PC)

Train Driver 2 PC

Free driver or train dispatcher simulator. Train Driver 2 was developed by a team of Polish developers and faithfully reproduces the domestic railway routes and various depots and locomotives used in Poland.

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Train Driver 2 Release Date PC


developer: Team TD2 publisher: Team TD2 Official website

English language game language: English

Train Driver 2 is a free simulator that enables us to take on the role of a train operator or a train dispatcher. The game focuses on multiplayer mode, but it also has an offline mode. The title was developed by Polish developers, who are also railway enthusiasts. The team established to work on the game does not have a specific name - the creators call themselves "Team TD2".


In Train Driver 2 we get the opportunity to play the role of a train driver or dispatcher. Depending on what we decide on, the game may look significantly different.

As a driver we travel along railway tracks in Poland (the map is extensive and the stations are faithfully reproduced), performing various manoeuvres and listening to the voice of traffic managers (depending on the selected mode, people or AI can play this role). It is also possible to drive a switcher - then our task will be to perform various tasks within one station. The player has a wide range of trains at their disposal - passenger, fast, express and freight. Train Driver 2 also offers a wide selection of realistic cars and locomotives, both diesel and electri, including EN54 or EN57 models.

If we decide to take on the role of a train dispatcher, our game will look noticeably different - the gameplay here is based on contact with the drivers and supervising their work in such a way that everything goes without accidents and complications. We can perform our duties on a small, relatively easy to use stations, as well as in large, multi-station locations where performing of our duties requires cooperation with the whole team. The gameplay scenario is different each time.

Game modes

Train Driver 2 can be played solo or with others. It is worth noting, however, that the game spreads its wings only in the online multiplayer mode.

The game also offers a powerful editor that enables us to create our own station - both in real and fictional places. We can use our work in single-player mode, but if it meets the developers' requirements, it is also possible to make it available online.

Technical aspects

Train Driver 2 offers pleasant 3D graphics. Its strongest point is definitely the faithfully reproduced models of locomotives and trains. The world we see at the helm of the train is also nice, although in this case, unfortunately, we sometimes have to accept compromises, such as low-res soil textures. The models of passengers and people passing by are also quite poor (they are not detailed and look artificial), but in general the title looks decent.

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

User score: 3,5 / 10 based on 517 votes.

Age restrictions Train Driver 2: Good for all ages.

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