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GTA Online Heists: General information GTA Online guide, tips

Last update: 19 August 2020

Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists is a New DLC for multiplayer, which enriches the gameplay by new missions for the crew to complete - heists. It is a very good income source and an interesting element of the gameplay. During heists with your own crew (4 players - 2 in the first heist) you complete a mission in which each of the crew members perform predetermined actions allotted to them. For this reason, an important element here is cooperation, because the mission may be failed, if one of the crewmembers fails to do their job. For this reason, it is difficult to join a crew you do not know, when you are a beginner at a low level. To start a heist, you need preparations - complete the gear, prepare the heist spot... such missions are much shorter, easier and much more common - but you receive less money for that. If the mission is failed, it can be replayed, without side effects, but often they take long and not all the players may agree to that, at which point the mission is interrupted. In the missions, not always you can die - in the bottom-right corner of the screen, you can view the numbers of "lives" the crew has - this figure goes down, if one of the crewmembers dies and the mission is interrupted if someone dies and you have no lives left; or if a premise of the mission is not reached, in any other way (if the gear is destroyed).


To be able to use all of the attractions in the game, you need cash - GTA Online Heists: General information - Heists (DLC) - GTA Online Guide
To be able to use all of the attractions in the game, you need cash

In the missions leading up to the heists, the pay is usually low - around 10-30 thousand dollars. You always receive more money, and slightly more experience and reputation, after you reach a higher rank - i.e. you make a name for yourself above the rest of the crew, in the number of the completed missions and killed opponents.

You can get quite decent money for heists. The amount received depends on how much is allotted to whom, by the leader of the crew - the amount usually ranges between $100 000 and $1 000 000. The leader of the crew may take as much as the rest of the crewmembers, but he needs to make some investments, prior to that, which is spent on necessary arrangements. The standard amount each player receives is, around 15%, but this can be changed by the leader. Also, it is him that allots individual tasks to the crewmembers and this is what the division may depend on. An important element is escaping with the money and doing that again, in the case of a failure - you can then lose a considerable amount of cash, as a result. Therefore, make sure that the difficulty level is proportional to the crew's level.

Heist arrangement

The heist arrangement screen, where you assign tasks and each members share - GTA Online Heists: General information - Heists (DLC) - GTA Online Guide
The heist arrangement screen, where you assign tasks and each member's share

If you want to join a heist, or the arrangement mission, you can do that at any moment. However, if you start the game with people you do not know, you can be excluded, if your experience and statistics are too low - everybody can view those in the game's lobby. This is why, if you want to start your own heist, you need to be at, at least, 12th experience level. At this point, Lester will contact you- talk to him to get more information. The other thing required for the heist is your own place - i.e. any building. The prices of those range between $25 000 and $500 000 so, it is a good idea to start with your own resources. You can buy the estate by approaching the bulletin board in the building that is marked for sale, on the world map, or via the website that you access with a laptop or with your smartphone.

As soon as you meet both of the conditions, go to your place and find the planning room. At the board, you can start planning on your heist. Invite your friends to the game, or determine conditions, on which new people can join you, by means of inviting and filtering players. After you gather the crew, access the planning screen again. Assign everyone with their role in the heist - the tasks that they need to complete. It is better to put weaker players into groups, the better ones can perform their tasks on their own (if there are ones). Then, determine shares that each player receives. Also, you can deal with smaller tasks, such as determining outfits for the crew. An important thing is that you can set the difficulty level of the mission - at the easy level, you receive more lives for the crew, but a half of the money and experience. At a high difficulty level, you receive 25% more money, but this is really hard - hard level is recommended against, in the case of new players, especially in missions where it may get really hot. The good news, for the new players, is that you receive a bonus of $100 000 for each first bank heist.

Additional rewards

The most important thing is good preparations - GTA Online Heists: General information - Heists (DLC) - GTA Online Guide
The most important thing is good preparations

To max out on your income, from each heist, you can increase the difficulty level, which gives you 25% more income. Additionally, you can complete each mission in the "elite" way - these are the special requirements that are displayed at the end of each heist (most commonly, it means making it within certain time, or the survival of all the crewmembers, as well as not restarting the mission). Meeting the elite requirements provides you with a high money bonus but, all of the requirements need to be met, then.

There also are additional rewards for the heists:

  • First time - completing a heist for the first time (this excludes preparatory missions) results in a high money bonus,
  • All in order - complete all the heists, including preparatory missions in the correct order so, it is best if you complete all your heists, without joining the heists organized by other players- a bonus of 1 000 000$,
  • Loyalty - a bonus only few can obtain - complete all heists and preparatory missions in one crew (the order is not that important) - 1 000 000$,
  • Criminal mastermind - only for selected players: complete all heists and preparatory missions in the appropriate order and in one crew, without getting killed - 10 000 000$.
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