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GTA Online Gunrunning: Vehicle upgrades GTA Online guide, tips

Last update: 19 August 2020

If you use a Mobile Operations Center with a workshop then you can modify the vehicles. Below, you can find a list of possible upgrades for vehicles in Gunrunning add-on:

Vehicle upgrades can give you a lot of fun - GTA Online Gunrunning: Vehicle upgrades - New Vehicles - GTA Online Guide?

Vehicle upgrades can give you a lot of fun.


  1. SAM missiles - a vehicle is equipped with a missile battery with six launchers. They are very powerful, stronger than the basic rockets although it all comes with a certain price. The rockets won't lock-on targets and you can shoot 60 rockets before reloading. Not worth it.
  2. Proxy Mines

Anti-Aircraft Trailer

  1. Lock-on missiles - you get a cannon with six AA launchers. Very good range and damage but there is a limit of 30 rockets.
  2. 20mm Flak Cannon - a turret that deals good amount of damage and is very precise. However, it is more useful against ground targets. Its advantage is that it has a better protection for a person that uses the turret.

Brevado Half-Track

  1. Cabin Armor - smaller windows that are harder to hit. However, you can't use weapons from inside of a vehicle.
  2. Flak 38 autocannons - increases fire power, definitely worth a buy.
  3. Proxy Mines


  1. 40mm Grenade Launcher/7.62mm Minigun - The choice is rather difficult, however, it is better to equip a vehicle with grenade launcher (number of rounds: 20 grenades). Minigun isn't that useful.
  2. Proxy Mines

Pegassi Oppressor

  1. Lock-on rockets - offers 20 homing rockets. An absolute killer - definitely worth a buy! Especially because you can easily refill ammo by despawning a vehicle and call it again using your MOC.

Weaponized Tampa

  1. Missile Launcher - an additional rocket launcher. Although it has a limited amount of rockets it is definitely worth adding to your vehicle.
  2. Rear Mortar - a very good weapon, especially when you are being chased by enemies. A player that controls launchers can hold a button to make missiles fly even further.
  3. Dual Minigun - Great firepower and ability to turn 360 degrees.
  4. Proxy Mines

Commentary: Notice that many vehicles can use, so called, Proxy Mines. They are very good bombs that can be used on enemies that are chasing you. They have good explosive radius and are universal - you can place up to 5 bombs.


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