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Deldrimor Bowl, Beacon's Perch (Town) | Northern Shiverpeaks Guild Wars Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

Deldrimor Bowl
Deldrimor Bowl

Beacon's Perch

Named for the legendry Dwarven warrior who single-handedly held off the great hill giant invasion of 534 A.E., Beacon's Perch runs north and south through the Shiverpeak Mountains. Today, this treacherous pass is patrolled by the Stone Summit, and as such is considered hostile to human travelers.

Henchmen Level 10

Little Thom (Brawler Henchman), Claude (Cultist Henchman), Alesia (Healer Henchman), Orion (Mage Henchman), Stefan (Fighter Henchman), Reyna (Archer Henchman), Dunham (Enchanter Henchman).

Master Saberlin

Quest: Hungry Devourer. Speak with Old Mac in Deldrimor Bowl. Feed Joe more succulent juniper meats. Speak with Old Mac in Deldrimor Bowl. Return to Master Saberlin for your reward. Reward: 400 xp, skills: Lightning Strike (E), Shatter Enchantment (Me), Divine Spirit (Mo), Rotting Flesh (N), Pin Down (R), Flurry (W).

Primary Quest: To Kryta: Refugees. Eliminate the 6 Centaur patrols along the main road. See Ranger Olson for your reward. Reward: 500 xp.

Quest: The Deserters. Find the Deserters in Deldrimor Bowl. Take word to Master Saberlin in Beacon's Perch that the supplies have been recovered. Reward: 500 xp, skills: Ice Spear (E), Inspired Hex (Me), Balthazar's Spirit (Mo), Strip Enchantment (N), Serpent's Quickness (R), Bonetti's Defence (W).

Hakon (Merchant)

Xunlai Agent (Storage)

Deldrimor Bowl

01 Entrance to Beacon's Perch

Old Mac (and his pet Joe) (for Quest: Hungry Devourer)

Mhenlo, Cynn and Devona (Mercenaries to help you in Quest: The Deserters)

02 Stone Gate

Ranger Olson (for Primary Quest: To Kryta: Refugees).

03 Dwarven Village

Rothgar Hoofsplitter (Collector)

5 Shiverpeak Manes: Traveler's Mask (Armor 37).

Lenn Giantsbane (Collector)

5 Icy Humps: Archer's Mask (Armor 37).

Crafter Torgil (Materials)

Clay Brick (1 Brick Mud + 1 Pile of Glittering Dust), Tempered Glass Vial (5 Piles of Glittering Dust), Leather Square (5 Tanned Hide Squares), Vial of Ink (4 Plant Fibers + 1 Tempered Glass Vial), Lump of Charcoal (10 Wood Planks), Spiritwood Plank (5 Wood Planks + 10 Piles of Glittering Dust), Steel Ingot (10 Iron Ingots + 1 Lump of Charcoal).

04 Centaur Village

Deserters (for Quest: The Deserters)

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