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Green Hills Country, The Barradin Estate (Town) | Pre-Searing Ascalon Guild Wars Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

Green Hills Country (Pre-Searing)
Green Hills Country (Pre-Searing)

The Barradin Estate

Duke Barradin's family estate coves nearly two hundred hectars of Green Hils County. The duke's vineyard is known throughout Ascalon for exquisite grapes it produces, witch are used to make Amethyst, the most coveted wine in the kingdom.

Duke Barradin (Warrior Trainer - Hammer Expert)

Warrior Quest: Warrior's Challenge. Go to Green Hills County and defeat Agnar the Foot. (Use Hammer Bash to interrupt his Rage skill). Return to Duke Barradin for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Hammer Bash, Freny.

Quest: The True King. Travel east from the Barradin Estate to Lakeshire County. Head south to Ashford. Take southeast bridge to Regent Valley. Once in Regent Valley, follow to Fort Ranik. Talk to Lord Darrin. Reward: 750 xp, Protective Icon (Energy +3), War Hammer (Blunt Dmg: 6-9, Two-handed).

Little Thom (Warrior Trainer - Axe Expert)

Warrior Quest: The Vineyard Problem. Go to the duke's vineyard and kill all aloe seeds.

Riley (Merchant)

Green Hills County

01 Shrine of Balthazar

Warmaster Grast (Warrior Trainer)

Warrior Quest: Grawl Invasion. Look for Grawl invaders along the road. Eliminate them. Return to Warmaster Grast for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Sever Artey, Gash, Healing Signet.

Farrah Cappo

02 Resurrection Shrine

Kasha Blackblood (Necromancer Trainer - Blood Magic Expert)

Necromancer Primary Quest: The Power of Blood. Enter the Catacombs and destroy 3 Blood fanatics. Return to Kasha Blackblood for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Blood Renewal, Vampiric Touch.

Grazden the Protector (Monk Trainer - Protection Expert)

Monk Quest: Protection Prayers. Meet Farrah Cappo in Lakeside County. Keep Farrah alive while she hunts down he infamous Alain. Return to Grazden the Protector for your reward. Reward: 250 xp, skills: Shielding Hands, Reversal of Fortune.

03 Gypsy Camp

Varuna (Merchant)

04 Small Tower

Rolf (Merchant)

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