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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide by

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Table of Contents

Magizoologist - Spells & Skills | Harry Potter Wizards Unite Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide, tips

Last update: 26 June 2019

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite you can choose between three professions: Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Each of these professions has different skills. On this page of our guide to Harry Potter Wizards Unite you will find a description of all the skills you can acquire as Magizoologist. In addition, we have also created a list of the most important skills that you should invest in from the start of the game.

List of skills and spells

1 - Magizoologist - Spells & Skills | Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Professions - Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide
  1. A Noble Cause - increased stamina;
  2. Ministry Magizoology Orientation - increases power by 50%;
  3. Safety Orientation - increases the power of Protego;
  4. Billywig Stings - higher precision;
  5. Camp Firenze - increased stamina;
  6. The Stamina Charm - restores the stamina of one of your allies to the maximum level;
  7. Be The Erumpent - increases hero's power;
  8. Fire Crabs - increased stamina;
  9. Mending Charm - restores part of the health of an ally;
  10. The Slightest Movement - increased focus;
  11. Occamy In A Tea Pot - increases the power of proficiency;
  12. Natural Defenses - strengthens the defense of the hero;
  13. Forum Quorum - increased defense by 50%;
  14. Romanian Sojourn - increased power;
  15. Live Chimaera Handling - increased stamina;
  16. Mending Charm Maxima - increased stamina of all team;
  17. Nowhere To Hide - increased critical power;
  18. Pain To Train - increases stamina of your hero;
  19. The Revive Charm - allows you to revive an ally;
  20. Sky, Sea, Sky, Seafloor - increased stamina;
  21. Alberta Toothill - increases power;
  22. Luna's Stamina Charm - restores stamina to a team member;
  23. How To Stun A Giant - higher precision;
  24. Celebrity Jeopardy - increased focus;
  25. Confound And Bewilder - increased focus;
  26. Mordecai's Method - increased power;
  27. Re'em - increased stamina;
  28. Wilderness Wear - increased stamina;
  29. Become The Beast - increases power if you have more than 5 focus points;
  30. Shield Charmer - increases the power of the Protego spell;
  31. The Bravery Charm - increasing the power of your allies;
  32. Wilderness Wards - increased defense;
  33. Doxycide - increased accuracy;
  34. Binns' Revenge - get a chance of breaking opponent's defense;
  35. Howling Wolves - enhances strength;
  36. Pet Manticore - increased stamina;
  37. Survival Training - increased stamina;
  38. Guest Lecturer - get defense in case of having a weakness for something;
  39. Necessary Force - increased power;
  40. Acromantula Handling - increases stamina;
  41. Curiosities Killed A Cat - increased defense in case of weakness;
  42. Improved Revive Charm - increases the amount of life after hero revives;
  43. Stamina Charm Maxima - increases the amount of stamina;
  44. Breath Of Dragons - increases critical power;
  45. Two Creatures, Great And Small - increased power of proficiency;
  46. Dragon Lady - higher defense;
  47. Trouble With' Truckles - enhances focus a bit;
  48. Lethifold - increases critical power;
  49. Amplified Bravery Charm - increases team's power by 30%;
  50. Rolf Scamander - increases power of proficiency;
  51. Spiders! - protection against spiders;
  52. A Bird In Hand - higher defense if you have 5 points of focus;
  53. Vile Creatures - defense against erkligs.

Best skills and spells

When you play as a Magizoologist, you have to focus mainly on learning spells - Magizoologist - Spells & Skills | Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Professions - Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

When you play as a Magizoologist, you have to focus mainly on learning spells. Your spells - of enhancing courage, revival and regeneration effects - will be perfect for a team fight. By developing these skills you will be the best support for your team.

Remember that on your shoulders lies the fate of your team. You can save them or let them die in torment.

Remember, as a Magizoologist youre an easy target - Magizoologist - Spells & Skills | Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Professions - Harry Potter Wizards Unite Guide

Remember, as a Magizoologist you're an easy target. That's why you should increase your endurance whenever possible. You have to be constantly available on the battlefield and you cannot die quickly.

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