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Imperator Rome Guide

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Technologies in Imperator Rome Imperator Rome Guide And Tips

Last update: 15 May 2019

Technological progress is one of the main factors when it comes to the development of the state in Imperator: Rome.

The acquisition of new technologies is an automatic process. There is no need in appointing scientists, spending power points or choosing technology. Yes, it is necessary to allocate several characters to monitor the development of this area, but this is not necessary, although scientists are significantly accelerating the progress of new levels of technology.

Technologies provide the following advantages:

  1. Each technological progress gives specific bonuses
  2. The possibility of buying inventions that are appropriate for each technology group
  3. Unlocking new national ideas

Research points are earned at only one class of the population - citizens. The more residents you have with this technological status, the more technology points you earn. This is influenced by their satisfaction and the value of citizen output. Some events, omens and technological inventions can increase this factor and increase the amount of technology points earned.

Getting technological advances will increase the capabilities of your state. - Technologies in Imperator Rome - Government - Imperator Rome Guide
Getting technological advances will increase the capabilities of your state.

There are 4 areas of technology where each provides the same bonus on each level and unlocks 3 new inventions. Below we have prepared a list of technological achievements:

  1. Martial. Each level gives +0.1 to the morale of the land and sea forces. It also increases the cost of maintaining the army and navy by 2%. On the other hand, each level reduces the cost of new military traditions by about -25%. In the later stages unlocking and strengthening your army's new traditions will be very important - lowering the cost of a new doctrine will greatly facilitate the strengthening of your troops.
  2. Civic. Increases revenues from trade by 2.5 % and reduces the cost of salaries of officials by 1%. This doctrines will strengthen your economy, by increasing your profits. It is necessary to simultaneously take care of the trade, so you get more gold in your vault.
  3. Oratory. Development of a new level will provide an additional 2% increase of the civilization value. These values are added to other bonuses, between other government-related types. All bonuses taken together create the maximum civilizational value your cities can achieve (the capital city always has the maximum level; other cities slowly score points until they reach the maximum).
  4. Religious. With each level the strength of your omens grows by 2.5%. Thus, you increase the "power" of omens and get better bonuses to taxes or technology points.

For faster gain of new levels in each field of technology, it is necessary to hire a scientist that has already been mentioned. Each scientist should have as many points of refinement attribute as possible, which will accelerate the work in a particular area. Characters who have a technology position get paid, but don't take much participation in political games.

Remember that in each category, at level 6 and 12 of technology, you will gain access to new national ideas. These will be automatically unlocked for your state, regardless of the form of government.

In addition to the levels and bonuses in each of the areas, your scientists will open the possibility of developing an invention. Inventions are very useful bonuses that are worth buying on a regular basis. They cost 100 civic points where the price is sometimes variable and depends on bonuses, technology, etc. Each area opens 3 inventions. In total, there are 12 inventions to unlock. If you buy out one of the areas, you will be able to buy the next one. You will always see a maximum of 3 inventions from a specific technology area, even if you have developed multiple levels from the same area.

Inventions are special technologies that can be applied in your country. Bonuses are very diverse - additional income from trade or taxes, the power of omens, additional experience for new cohorts, gaining knowledge about the siege (faster acquisition of forts), constant decrease in the tyranny factor, increasing the loyalty of characters or improving the performance of a certain class of residents.

When developing technological achievements, the main thing is to recruit a large number of citizens. This is the only real way to increase the power of your scientists. All disciplines will be developed relatively if you cover all positions of scientists. Inventions are very useful and worth collecting on a regular basis. They give bonus to the happiness of free people or an increase in siege capabilities of your army.

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