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Like a Dragon Ishin Guide by

Like a Dragon Ishin Guide

Table of Contents

Like a Dragon Ishin: New Game Plus Like a Dragon Ishin guide, tips

There is a New Game Plus mode in Like a Dragon Ishin. From this guide page, you will learn what rules it operates on and whether it is worth using it.

Last update: 13 March 2023

On this page of the Like a Dragon: Ishin guide, you will find information about the New Game Plus (NG+) mode, which is one of the few things unlocked after your first playthrough. We have described everything that is most important - what transfers over to the second playthrough and what is lost. We have also discussed the difficulty levels.

Starting New Game Plus mode

After completing the game on any difficulty, you will be able to start a second playthrough with some of the things you earned in your first playthrough. Once you've watched the game's ending, made a final save, and returned to the main menu, you'll see new options.

One of them is New Game/Data Transfer - Like a Dragon Ishin: New Game Plus - Appendix - Like a Dragon Ishin Guide

One of them is New Game/Data Transfer. After selecting it, you will be able to decide whether you want to use the final save with all progress, or start from scratch. Then you have to choose the difficulty level.

After beating Like a Dragon Ishin once, you will have access to all difficulty levels, including Ishin. They can also be freely changed during the game and this does not affect the trophies or achievements (as long as you change to a given difficulty level before the final battles). It is also possible to start New Game Plus on any difficulty level. This is very helpful in obtaining the Legend of an Era gold trophy, since Ryoma will have every fighting style developed.

It's worth remembering that you don't have to only use the final save. You can use it during the endgame (Bakumatsu Premium Adventure), make some progress and then start New Game Plus. This makes it a lot easier, especially if you choose a higher difficulty level for your next playthrough.

Content that carries over to New Game Plus

Most of what you gained in the first playthrough will carry over to the second playthrough. You will keep the things like:

  1. Items and weapons from the inventory and storage
  2. Experience level
  3. All purchased skills and style levels
  4. Money
  5. Virtue Points and all upgrades purchased with them
  6. Farm progress (Another Life)
  7. Dinner recipes
  8. Arena progress
  9. Mini-game progress
  10. Blacksmith level
  11. Trooper Cards
  12. Some entries from the Completion List

Some of the above items are only unlocked in specific chapters, so naturally you won't be able to see them right away.

What doesn't carry over to New Game Plus?

Unfortunately, not everything carries over to your second playthrough in New Game Plus. The following content will be reset:

  1. Diligence Records,
  2. Friendships,
  3. Relationship with Haruka,
  4. Substories.

So if you want to get the Taskmaster and The Gods Hath Been Humbled trophies first, you might want to consider starting the New Game Plus mode once you got them.

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