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News video games 07 November 2022, 14:32

author: Jakub Tarchala

Amazing Time-stop Effect in Marvel's Spider-Man

Fans of PC edition of Marvel's Spider-Man can test a modification that enables you to stop or slow down the environment. The result looks like taken straight out of The Matrix.

PC launch of Marvel's Spider-Man undoubtedly gave the game a second life - not only due to the excellent sales, but also thanks to a thriving modding scene. Another modification combines efficiency with effect, enabling Peter Parker to slow down time.

Spectacularity on par with the Matrix

User NTD published a video, presenting gameplay from the game enhanced with a mod by an anonymous developer. It enables the player to stop or slow down the time of the environment, which, when montaged, enables Spider-Man to move at dizzying speeds. This brings to mind other superheroes (Flash or Quicksilver), but slowing down time can also increase the imersion associated with "spider-sense."

The game in the video has also been beautified with other mods, including increasing contrast or adding a unique costume. It took the user 3 days to create the video and it was associated with considerable effort. The work apparently paid off, as the end result is very similar to scenes from the movie The Matrix. The anonymous author of the mod (in contact with the youtuber) boasts of having the best "bullet time" script, which beats The Flash Mod.

Fans ecstatic

The video has received dozens of positive comments within 24 hours. The community is impressed by the video and the possibility of testing the modification.

Amazing Time-stop Effect in Marvels Spider-Man - picture #1

Amazing Time-stop Effect in Marvels Spider-Man - picture #2

Jakub Tarchala

Jakub Tarchala

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