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News video games 19 August 2022, 11:51

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

First Patch for Marvel's Spider-Man PC Improves Graphics

The Spider-Man remaster on PC has just received its first update. The developers have fixed a number of visual shortcomings related to ray tracing, among other things.

The release of Spider-Man on personal computers took place less than a week ago. The port's developers from Nixxes have already set about patching the remaster's bugs and released the first small update. They also announced that they are working on the next patch, which will fix more bugs pointed out by the players.

The patch fixes many graphical elements, primarily related to ray tracing. We list the most important changes below.

  1. A number of bugs related to ray tracing have been fixed.
  2. Visual improvements related to HBAO and Nvidia DLSS technologies have been made.
  3. Fixed bugs that made light reflections in stainless steel look distorted, and the game could crash if the player changed graphic settings during a cutscenes.
  4. A number of visual glitches have been eliminated.

The developers furthermore communicated that they are aware of the presence of other bugs in the game. Some are already being fixed and will probably be removed with the next update.

  1. The developers are aware of a problem with enabling the ray tracing option, despite having hardware compatible with this technology.
  2. They are also aware that some players are unable to complete the "Spider-Hack" mission when the animation exceeds 60 frames per second. The developers advise that when encountering this problem, go to the options menu and set the display mode to "exclusive full screen" and the refresh rate to 60 Hz.
  3. Intel is already investigating a bug related to taking pictures of the Empire State Building.

The full list of changes introduced by the first update can be found here. Marvel's Spider-Man PC is available on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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