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News video games 14 August 2015, 14:33

author: luckie

Armikrog Pushed Back to September

The release date of Armikrog has been pushed back to 8 September. The developers spotted some issues that need fixing.

Armikrog Pushed Back to September - picture #1
Armikrog features a world made of plasticine.

Armikrog is going to be released three weeks later than planned. Kickstarter backers just got a note from the developer, Pencil Test Studios, that the game needs some issues to be addressed. With some balance tuning, bug fixing, and overall polish in store, the game will be coming out on 8 September. Here’s the official word:

“As we're approaching the finish line, we've come across some details in the game that we really want to address. Some of the issues are about tuning, while others are straight-up bugs fixes. Since we owe it to every one of you to give you the best possible game we can make, we've decided to push the game's release date back a few weeks to September 8th.”

Armikrog is said to by a spiritual successor to a successful adventure game – The Neverhood, released back in 1996. The two games will definitely share unique graphics style with characters and locations made of plasticine. This new project is coming to first PC and some time later also to PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

Armikrog Pushed Back to September - picture #2
Tommynaut and his dog Beak-Beak make a fine duet.
  1. Official website of Armikrog


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