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News video games 18 January 2024, 00:35

author: Kamil Kleszyk

ATS Fan Still Determined to Make Graphics More Realistic After 5 Years

A certain ATS fan decided to tweak the 8-year-old graphics of the popular truck simulator. The results of several years of work are quite awe-inspiring.

Source: IMGN.PRO.

Some games are excellent in and of themselves. Others, however, need mods from the community to really become special. American Truck Simulator falls somewhere in the middle â?? it's a good game without mods, but they can undoubtedly give it a lot of nice flavor.

That seems to be the sentiment of a fan who decided to give this 8-year-old production as much visual fidelity as possible. Redditor Peterbilt579NG â?? used appropriately high graphics settings and (note) as many as 190 different mods. Combined together, all of this gives an incredibly realistic effect, which you can watch in the video below.

The creator explains that some of the mods are paid, but the vast majority are free. Moreover, Peterbilt579NG has almost all of them converted for his own use. That's why achieving a similar result will be extremely difficult for others.

The author revealed that he's working on a guide of sorts (including a list of all mods) that will present the effects of 5 years of his work to other creators.

Other users of the subreddit seem very impressed indeed. ETS fans soberly note that it would be very painful to have to reinstall 190 mods after a bigger update to the game. Apparently, however, this is a price worth paying for such visuals.

  1. American Truck Simulator â?? official website

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