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News guides 29 November 2023, 13:12

author: Damian Gacek

Backpack Hero - Unlock all Characters, Get Hero Pochette, Tote, Satchel and CR-8

In this guide we will tell you how to unlock all characters in Backpack Hero. Play Pochette, Tote, Satchel and CR-8 thanks to us.

Source: Backpack Hero, developer: Jaspel

Backpack Hero is a roguelike game which allows players to build many powerful builds. What is more, it offers 5 unique characters, who have interesting mechanics, which make the game even more interesting. However, if you want to complete the Story mode, you have to unlock heroes first, before testing them. If you want to learn how to do it, you are in a good place.

Things to remember about unlocking heroes in Backpack Hero

  1. All characters in Backpack Hero are automatically unlocked if you pick Quick game. You have to discover them if you want to play Story mode, though.
  2. All encounters necessary to unlock heroes will be unlocked during the gameplay. Build buildings, do quest and visit new locations. Thanks to that you will come across interesting interactions which will let you hire more characters.
  3. To unlock heroes you have to complete runs with Purse. Other characters may not trigger proper conversations.
  4. Sometimes, events will not trigger, even if you do everything right. Try again and make sure that you have completed all prerequisites.

Backpack Hero – how to unlock all characters

How to unlock Satchel in Backpack Hero

To recruit this character, you have to build a tavern and wait for Sam, Barkeeper, to appear. At the same time (or even earlier), you should look for a Mysterious Letter during a run and give it to him. In exchange, you will get a Flute. Take it to Satchel, to Bramble. He will be an encounter after the final boss.

How to unlock Tote in Backpack Hero

First of all, you have to build Magical Mycelium for Nora. After that, you will be given Tote’s Totem, which you will have to take to the Enchanted Swamps. Go through the location and defeat the final boss. After that, you will have a chance to meet and recruit Tote.

How to unlock Pochette in Backpack Hero

To unlock Pochette, you have to play Standard run at least 3 times and defeat this character each time.

  1. You will meet her for the first time in the 1st biome – Bramble.
  2. Later, you have to travel from Bramble to Swamps.
  3. The last meeting place will differ. For some players Pochette appeared in the Magma biome and for others in Frozen one.

How to unlock CR-8 in Backpack Hero

First of all you have to wait for Constance to appear (build a bridge and cross it). She will ask you to build her house. Do it. After doing so, she will give you a quest to find robot parts. You will have to find them all and later talk to CR-8 in the village.

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